When a girl reaches her teen years, she’ll be experiencing a number of noticeable changes in her body, and she’ll be instinctively more conscious about it. Teenagers tend to put a lot of importance to their appearance, so they can be easily insecure if they don’t feel pretty enough. In addition, their interests and hobbies will also shift, becoming more connected to self-care, friendships, and romance.

So, imagine if your teen daughter or sister suddenly complains about having too much hair fall. It might surprise you, but hair loss among teens is actually common, and it isn’t a condition that simply goes away without treatment. She’d have to resort to a mildshampoo for hair loss, eat healthier, and be checked by a physician if the problem seems serious.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

As adolescents and teens reach the late stages of puberty, their hormones tend to go haywire. Supposedly, small amounts of testosterone should be produced by females, too, but because of hormonal imbalance that commonly happens in their teenage years,Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, gets produced instead. DHT is a by-product of testosterone that shrinks hair follicles, causing hair to fall in turn.

Hair loss in a teen could also be attributed to medicines. If they’re taking medications at the time of the hair loss dilemma, then there’s a huge likelihood that the medicines are causing it. If your teen is treating PCOS or acne, the pills they’re taking alters the hormones, so it results in excessive hair fall. Anticoagulants, beta-blockers, and high doses of vitamin A can alsocause hair loss.

If your teen frequently styles their hair using irons and blow-dryers, then you can point those out as the culprits for their thinning hair. Heat damages the hair and makes it brittle, so ask them to limit their use of heated styling tools. On the other hand, if they don’t use such tools, then they may frequently tie their hairs too tight or braid it. The constant tugging of the hair causes it to fall out, so ask them to be gentler with their locks moving forward.

Poor nutrition is also linked to hair loss. Watch out for your teen’s diet; they’re at an age where they love to dine out, so it’s possible that they’ve been consuming too much junk food. Eating disorders could also be the cause, so carefully examine their eating habits.

Lastly, early hair loss could also be an indication of a disease, so consult a doctor if the problem gets worse.

Treatment and Prevention Tips

Apply mild and natural hair loss treatments, such asessential oils. Make themconsume protein-rich mealsconsisting of eggs, vegetables, yogurt, and other foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. Make sure they drink lots of water, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Keep them away from junk food.

Educate them about the harmful effects of too much styling. Stop them from styling their hair when it’s still wet. Harsh styling products can also damage and thin out their hair, so explain this to your teen as well.

If it has been proven that the medicines they’re taking cause hair fall, the problem usually goes away after completing the medication, but you may consult their doctor, too. If they have an existing medical condition such as alopecia areata, for example, make sure there aren’t missing any treatment appointment and are taking proper medications in the correct doses. Sometimes it is good to consider non-surgical procedures such as Pro injections Sydney that will help you with any hair loss condition.

Behavioral and other mental health conditions may also be the root cause of hair loss in your teen, so if you notice that they have a habit of unconsciously pulling out their hair, take them to a therapist.

As a parent or a guardian to a teenage girl, also remind her that she doesn’t need too many products to make her hair look beautiful. Encourage her to take good care of her hair and embrace her flaws and uniqueness, even if that happens to be curly or unruly hair.


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