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Hair loss under 25 case study – George Sampson

Hair loss under 25 case study – George Sampson

Can a 23 year old undergo a hair transplant?

November 29th, 2018

Can a 23 year old undergo a hair transplant? X Factor winner George Sampson, who damaged his hair follicles by repeatedly performing a dance move that involved spinning on his head, has successfully undergone treatment for his balding patch.

George’s spectacular upside-down dance move helped him to win the show in 2008, but it has left him prematurely bald since the age of 14. The performer has used a variety of hats to conceal the problem, but decided to undergo the £9000 procedure at a clinic in Yorkshire.

Prior to the treatment, the performer had tried herbal remedies and steroids to attempt to grow back the hair that had been damaged. He even went as far as to avoid bowing at shows, in case his hair loss detracted from his performance.

While treatment at a top clinic might be beyond the reach of many under 25s, many younger people with hair loss issues are flying to Turkey for similar procedures at a greatly reduced price. Young stars like George Sampson and Calum Best are bringing the issue of premature baldness out into the open, where the older generation might have preferred to keep things more discreet. This has helped to fuel the explosion of the hair transplant Turkey market, leading to more and more affordable treatment options.

Researchers recently studied the link between hair loss and mental health, and discovered that many men find baldness and hair loss stressful and traumatic. The rise of social media mean that young people are stressing and experiencing anxiety over their appearance much more than the previous generations did. It’s no surprise that many younger men that are experiencing premature baldness before the age of 30, opt for a hair transplant rather than simply accepting their natural hair thinning.

“I felt like an old man with a baby face,” said the star on This Morning, explaining that stress, genetics and head-spinning dance moves had destroyed the follicles on the top of his head.

Sampson had a total of three transplants, and his hair began to grow back in around three months. Pictures of the star today reveal a natural looking hairline, and plenty of growth on top. Around two thousand strands of hair with the follicles attached were harvested from around the sides of his head, and individually reattached by a surgeon.

Similar procedures are available through companies like MedAway, who specialise in cosmetic surgery trips to Turkey, including flights, accommodation, travel and aftercare, often at prices much lower than similar treatments at home.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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