Halloween is the perfect occasion to get dressed up, see friends and family, and eat lots of sweet treats. But if you’re not a kid anymore (even if you are a big kid!), there’s no reason to let the holiday pass without throwing an adult-friendly Halloween party. Here are a few ideas to make this year’s festivities unforgettable.

Have a pumpkin carving contest

Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, so why not put them front and centre? Invite guests over for what will surely be a fun and competitive pumpkin carving contest. You could even make it more interesting by having guests bring their own pumpkins to carve instead of picking one out together beforehand – this way, you’ll have some really original creations! Want to add a personal touch that doubles up as a party favour? IGO Promo has a wide range of personalised lighters that you can create and give your guests to light up their creations and take home as a souvenir.

Have a scary movies night

Who said Halloween parties have to be loud and raucous? Turn down the lights, pop some popcorn, and watch some scary movies. Make it even more fun by hosting a Halloween movie quiz, and let your guests dress up as their favourite characters. It’s the perfect way to get in the spirit of things without having to go out or drink too much!

Have a murder mystery dinner party

Love suspenseful TV shows like Sherlock or Midsomer Murders? Then this is the activity for you! Invite everyone over for a sit-down dinner, and during the meal have them play a murder mystery game. The guests will be randomly assigned characters to investigate while trying not to get murdered themselves. It’s all about finding clues so everyone can stay alive until the mastermind is revealed at the end of the night!

Go on a ghost tour

If you prefer something more interactive than watching movies indoors, take your friends on an adventure with one of these spooky tours – there is nothing better than wandering around old buildings at night while listening to all sorts of gory tales (and true stories!). You’ll learn some interesting facts as well as yourselves silly – what could be better?

Have a costume contest

Adults rarely get as dressed up as children do on Halloween night, so why not make this year different? Hold a costume contest complete with first, second and third-place winners, along with prizes that will make everyone want to try their best. If you want to take things one step further, consider having a best couple’s costume contest or best group costume award to make everyone feel included.

Throw a Halloween potluck

Instead of hosting an adult party at your place (which can get expensive fast!), consider inviting friends over for what is essentially an elaborate group dinner with everyone sharing in the cooking and eating responsibilities. Everyone brings something different, such as appetizers, main dishes or desserts, so there’s no pressure to spend lots of time in the kitchen. Plus, it’s fun to see what everyone comes up with!

Serve some Halloween-themed food and drinks

What’s Halloween without seasonal snacks and drinks? Serve up some tasty treats like pumpkin soup, caramel apples or Halloween-themed cookies. As for the drinks, make sure you have a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options (like apple cider, hot chocolate and spooky punch) on hand. Want to add a wow factor? Try your hand at making some Halloween-themed cocktails.

Create an old-fashioned photo booth with fun props to take pictures with

You can easily make one yourself with items from around your home and buy some fun props to add something extra special to the mix. No matter how you decorate it, this interactive activity will bring everyone together and produce lots of laughs! What’s more, you will provide guests with lasting memories of the evening.

It doesn’t take much planning to turn a traditionally child-centred Halloween into a night that your adult friends will remember for a long time. You’re never too old to have fun so ditch the kids and have a scary night for yourself.


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