Hand Crafted & Quintessentially British Signet Rings

Rebus Signet Rings creates unique, hand-crafted signet rings that are designed and made exclusively at their in-house workshop in London’s famous jewellery quarter – Hatton Garden and here at House of Coco we think they will make the perfect gift for Valentines and Mothers day.

Using traditional hand-engraving techniques the award-winning team of skilled goldsmiths and hand engravers creates high quality, bespoke signet rings for both men and women who want to express their individuality and appreciation of craftsmanship. Not only does this mean traditional family crests, but an increasing number of people are interested in creating their own meaningful design, which communicates their personality.

Rebus offers bespoke signet rings, family crests and monograms, as well as two ready-to-wear collections; Talisman, and Initials. Rings are crafted from precious metals including platinum, 9- carat, 14-carat and 18-carat gold in colours of yellow, rose or white. Each ring is delivered in a beautifully designed Rebus gift box that includes an encapsulated wax impression of the engraving, a wax taper and instructions to create a wax seal.



Bespoke Signet Rings

For thousands of years people have used signet rings to express and communicate the things that mean the most to them and with the current demand for bespoke and fashion-led jewellery pieces for men and women, a signet rings allows people to express their individual style and be creative with their own bespoke design. The experienced craftsmen at Rebus help customers to design and custom make a meaningful piece of jewellery, which will fit perfectly and look stunning. Prices range from £240 to £3,150.

Family Crests & Monograms

Creating symbols for identification purposes can be found going back to the earliest man. Rebus has over 30,000 family names and 4,000 crest images in their database, which have been sourced from one of the most respected sources for heraldry information: Fairbairn’s Book of Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland, and their Kindred in other Lands. For monogram rings, Rebus also has 1,000’s of two initial combinations. For those looking for design inspiration, to discover a family crest, or see how fabulous a monogram of their initials could look, Rebus has a Crest Finder app which contains our full database of family crests and monograms. Available on the App Store, search ‘Rebus Crest Finder’. Engraving prices range from £85 to £250.


Initials Collection

The Initials Collection which launched in spring 2015 is the second ready-to-wear collection and consists of 26 pieces from A-Z. This stylish range of hand engraved initial rings is available in three precious metals; sterling silver, 9-carat yellow gold, or 9-carat rose gold. Prices range from £190 to £550.

Talisman Collection

Rebus’ first ready-to-wear seal engraved signet ring collection comprises 16 carefully selected symbols, each with a unique symbolic meaning. The high quality rings are available in 9-carat or 18-carat yellow gold. Prices range from £475 to £1,015. Designs include:

The Warrior – featuring Boadicea – history’s most famous warrior queen, symbolising infinite determination, fearlessness and courage.
The Swallow of Hope – traditionally featured in tattoos as a superstition of sailors – the swallow symbolises hope, freedom and eternal life

Bumble Bee – a symbol of the soul in Greek mythology
Hummingbird – representing boundless energy and a desire to seek out the good things in life

Rebus was founded by Emmet Smith in 2005 as a department within R. H. Wilkins, the renowned engravers to Downing Street, Westminster Abbey, The Wimbledon Championships, based in London’s Hatton Garden. Emmet has worked in the jewellery trade since 1986 and after studying at the Sir John Cass School of Art in Whitechapel, undertook a 5 year apprenticeship with R.H. Wilkins, the company he went on to buy. The word ‘Rebus’ means a device that uses pictures and symbols to represent a word or phrase, so it seemed a natural choice for the signet ring brand.

Emmet Smith, Founder of Rebus said, “With a hand-engraved message or symbol, an object can be transformed from the ordinary into the extraordinary, giving it a life and meaning of its own. And in time, the item will acquire its own personality. It will become a talisman – precious and cherished that can be handed down from generation to generation.”

To view the entire range of Rebus signet rings visit www.rebussignetrings.co.uk

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