Most women and some men will choose to carry a handbag. Not only does this allow you to carry more than you can in your pockets, but it can also make a fashion statement. If you use a handbag and enjoy the fashion element, you may also prefer to use a designer bag.

Designer bags have no practical difference from cheaper handbags. However, due to the brand being fashionable, it can finish off an outfit in a different way to a cheaper bag. Designer preference is down to the individual as most designer brands will do similar color bags, though styles may be specific to the brand. 

Why Buy Designer?

As previously mentioned, buying a designer bag is the choice of the person buying the bag. Whether you want to have a Dior handbag or a Gucci bag will depend mostly on your preference for a brand.

Buying a designer handbag can often mean buying a better-made bag. Most designer bags are made to last, and therefore, when you are paying more, it is because this bag will last you longer. 

If you want a small bag to carry your work supplies throughout the day, you may find a cheaper alternative more effective. However, if you enjoy designers and want a bag for a night out or to last for evenings and social events, you will have your pick from the choice of designer brands. 


Many people will choose to buy dupes of brands. These are cheap alternatives to branded and designer items. Most people will sell these as dupes or be aware of this when they buy them. Most will be aware because the brand name will not be on the bag, but the shape and style will be very similar. 

Unfortunately, you will find that some people will sell dupes as actual designer products. If you think you are buying a designer item, it may be worth asking for proof of its authenticity. If you want to authenticate your luxury bags, you can contact a reliable company like Legit Grails, which can help you discover if the bag is indeed a real designer or simply a cheaply made dupe. 

You will not get the same quality as the real designer when buying dupes. However, if you are aware of this and just want a similar bag without the designer price tag, this would work for you. If you know you are buying a fake, this is also okay, as long as you do not plan to try to sell this as a real designer item. 


Handbags can be an essential accessory for everyday life, more so for women, who often do not have packets. Not only is a handbag useful for everyday life, but it can also complete an outfit when going out or to an event. 
Accessorize and find yourself the perfect handbag, whether you choose to buy a cheap but lovely bag or you want to save and treat yourself to the brand you have always wanted. If you are looking online, remember there are companies like Legit Grails who can help ensure that the handbag you have been dreaming of is, in fact, a designer brand.


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