Hard Days Night Spa Treatment Inspired by The Beatles

This is a stress releasing spa treatment to relax your body, allowing you to let go and let it be.

This new spa treatment from Lush is inspired by the music of The Beatles, launched in their Liverpool spa at the end of February 2014 and is now available in all UK Lush Spas nationwide.

Fibre was invited to the Leeds Spa to experience this innovative treatment which is designed to relax your mind and body. It takes inspiration from traditional shiatsu and adds innovative passive stretching techniques, with a hint of the circus and psychedelia.

Welcomed by Jo my Lush Therapist we entered a magical underground heaven under the busy streets of Leeds city centre. You sit in the little homely kitchen with your therapist and enjoy a mint and lemon water whilst you chat through areas of concern and what is to be expected during this unusual treatment.

Once in the treatment room you are invited to climb into the soft pyjamas provided which are neatly wrapped around a hot water bottle and then climb under the crisp white sheets ready for the magical treatment to begin.

The combination of snuggly pyjamas, enchanting vocals and gentle soothing rhythms allow you to lull into a golden slumber and allowing the therapist to work their magic so you can be restored and ready for a new day.

Tea and Biscuits

The whole of the treatment takes place alongside a musical journey inspired by The Beatles which has been arranged by Simon Emmerson and Simon Richmond specifically for this treatment. Throughout the treatment the music is symbiotic to what is happening – the hand massage takes place to “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and during “Here comes the Sun” the heat increases.

After the treatment you are greeted with a cup of tea and a biscuit and another chance to have a chat with your therapist.

This treatment is relaxing yet energising both for the body and for the mind. When I opened my eyes I felt rather emotional and the words ‘let it be’ have never quite being so poignant. The treatment doesn’t only de-stress but it allows you to re-focus… to quote a line from the song this treatment is named after… “you know I feel alright!”


Whether you work hard, play harder or you are just in need of some quality time out and a de-stress this 75 minute treatment is worth every penny of the £85. I truly believe that if you are willing to go with the flow, keep your eyes closed and let the therapist take you through a magical journey, this will honestly be one of the best treatments you have ever experienced!

Before you leave you are handed a Golden Slumbers bath bomb to take the treatment home with you and allow the wonderful feelings to last even longer.

I am already planning my next visit!

To find out more about Lush spas and treatments please visit www.lush.co.uk/spa

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