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Health and Parenting: Secrets of Happy Moms

Whilst rewarding in so many ways, being a mom is also very tiring and a real juggling act of work, family life, food to make, bills to pay, and

Whilst rewarding in so many ways, being a mom is also very tiring and a real juggling act of work, family life, food to make, bills to pay, and sometimes, just sometimes, dedicating some time to yourself to relax and catch up on sleep! So, what’s the secret or secrets to being a happy mom? Read on for our take on a much-asked question.

Embrace the mess

Easier said than done, we’ll agree, but with kids sometimes it’s just easier to go with the flow. Spending all day clearing up after them or being that helicopter parent who tidies toys away as they are flung aside means you miss out on them rediscovering that toy half an hour later, and creative and imaginary moments that a certain toy brings. Tidy up when the mess is getting too much or someone is going to trip up over a toy and hurt themselves, not when they are still having fun!

Take a walk

Whether it’s by yourself or with your baby or toddler in the pram or stroller, take some time to get out in the fresh air, breathe and look at the little things around you. If you’ve got a toddler in tow, a daily walk that would normally take just 20 minutes can end up being a whole hour of wonderment. Little ones see details that us as adults just don’t see – whether they are seeing it for the first or 30th time, it’s still new to them.

Enjoy some time out

Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea and a moment to yourself, whether you prefer camomile or Turkish apple. Turkish apple tea has been shown to promote a healthy digestive system and weight loss – two of the things most new mommas cry out for but don’t have the time to attend to.

Similarly, Camomile tea benefits those who want to improve their sleep and it’s all thanks to the phytochemicals that camomile tea contains. With almost zero calories per cup, Camomile tea has also been proven to help the digestive system and to protect against long-term and serious illness.

A good night’s sleep

Beauty sleep – ahh, yes those long hours of slumber you no longer have since your little one came into your life. Make sure sleep is as comfortable as possible with a baby cot bed with a suitable cot mattress. For the best choice of Cot mattresses for your baby choose one from Mokee cots, who are known for their beautiful design and Scandi style. Made from European beech woods, Mokee cots use safe water-based paints, have a whopping seven mattress positions and are suitable from birth to three years old.

Time flies

Most important of all, is to enjoy the time you have with your children. As the saying goes, time certainly flies, and more so when they are tiny and you’re running around after them! Just remember to take lots of photos, live for the moment, breathe, relax and enjoy.