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Healthiest Methods To Cook Food

Healthiest Methods To Cook Food

Cooking up juicy and tasty food is not a tough task and not always requires unnecessary things to be added to get the flavor.

February 14th, 2019

Cooking up juicy and tasty food is not a tough task and does not always require additional things to be added to get the flavor. You need to know some hacks and tips that can help you to prepare healthier and tastier food. Heating the food might give you a good taste but 15 to 20 percent of the proteins and vitamins are destroyed during the process. Often, folate, vitamin C, and potassium are fully removed from the food. That’s the reason why most of the time people recommend eating raw foods so as to preserve the nutritional value of the food. You can click here to view a useful resource offering guides and further information about healthy food and nutrition.

There are also some studies that suggest that some foods can give nutrition value only when cooked like tomatoes and spinach. This is so because once heated, the cell walls break down and the antioxidants can be released.

Here are some of the methods to cook healthy foods. Have a look at them below:

  • Microwaving

The food becomes much tastier in the microwave because the food is properly cooked from inside. Radio waves are emitted from the microwave which helps in exciting the food molecules thus generating heat and food gets cooked properly.

Sometimes it happens that the food cooked in the microwave might become dry and hence you can avoid it by pouring some drops of water on the dish. Anything can get easily microwave and that without the need of much oil.

  • Steaming

With the help of steam, a good flavor is added to the food and the food get stewed in its own juices thus all the natural goodness of the dish can be retained. Before doing steaming, you can do the seasoning by adding some lemon juice or may be very little salt. By steaming, broccoli cooks very well and it is the rich source of glucosinolates which is responsible for inhibiting cancer’s cell growth.

  • Boiling

Another very quick and easy method to cook any food is by boiling. You simply need to add water and pinch of salt to your food. But it is recommended to make sure that only required boiling should be done because at high temperatures most of the vitamins get dissolved in water. But in some food like broccoli and carrots, it is recommended to boil the food.

  • Grilling

If you want to get all the nutrients of your food preserved without losing the flavor then grilling is the best way of cooking. You need no fats to be added while grilling and it also gives an essence of smoke.

  • Smoking

Smoking of food is done in order to give some essence and flavor to it. The food is simply left under smoke for some time and then it becomes ready to eat. The dishes become much tasty with the process of smoking as the essence after smoke gives a unique yet amazing taste. The electric smokers can be the best choice to smoke any type of food.

These are some of the best ways to cook healthy and tasty food. The quality and nutrition value is retained by all these ways.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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