It’s that time of year when we start to look at what we eat and make some changes in time for summer, so how about swapping some of your regular food and drink choices for a slightly healthier variety? Still mega on flavour, just not as mega on the sugar or fat content!


Love Yourself Balanced Meals, from £15 per day, via Love Yourself

At Love Yourself, they create healthy tasty menus using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients prepared with you in mind and cooked fresh every day. Their vision is to provide healthy foods to help you live a happy life. Choose a meal box (such as Balanced, Vegetarian, gluten free or any one of 14 different ranges to cater for different dietary arrangements), let the talented team of chefs at Love Yourself prepare, cook, and pack your meal box and wait for your doorbell to ring.

Merchant Gourmet Spicy Cajun-Style Lentils & Red Kidney Beans, £2 (per pouch), from Waitrose and Ocado

Combining the flavours of the deep south of America with a mix of Merchant Gourmet’s much-loved Puy and green lentils, the new edition gives a spicy and exotic taste. From soft red kidney beans cooked slowly in a rich tomato sauce, to warming jalapeno and paprika seasoning, the Cajun-Style lentils offer a taste sensation with every bite.

Nairn’s Dark Chocolate & Mint Chunky Oat Biscuit Breaks, £1.85 (165g box), from Waitrose

At 35% – 40% less sugar than the average gluten free biscuit, these chunky oat chocolate and mint biscuits breaks are fantastic if you’re trying to cut back on your sugar intake. Each box has four packets of three biscuits inside, so you can eat a packet without feeling guilty! All vegetarian friendly and of course gluten free.


Mawé Sparkling Water Energy Drink, £6.99 (4 x 330ml cans), from Mawé

Enhanced with essential B vitamins, this low-sugar energy drink provides the perfect lift when juggling work and life. Mawé uses guarana fruit from Brazil, fresh pear, and apple to create light, lifting refreshment. Mawé is caffeine-free, vegan and contains no artificial flavours or preservatives. Made with real fruit juice and sparkling English spring water, this low-calorie drink contains less than half the sugar content of its competitors.

Coffee-Direct Coffee Tonic, Hondu Espresso from Coffee-Direct, £10.99 (227g), from

Calling all Frappuccino fans! Coffee Tonic is set to take over your summer. The unusual blend is constructed with just Hondu Espresso Coffee and tonic water. If you are a fan of tonic with your alcohol, you will love this refreshing concept. The quinine in the tonic complements the acidity of the coffee, making for a smooth and bubbly finish. Just pick up your favourite tonic and some Hondu coffee and you’re good to go!

Tanqueray 0% Alcohol Free Spirit, £16 (70cl bottle), from Sainsbury’s

Crafted from the same distilled botanicals as London Dry, Tanqueray 0.0% offers an alcohol free option that perfectly captures the unmistakable spirit of Tanqueray. With consumers increasingly looking for choice within their lifestyles, Tanqueray 0.0% offers individuals a delicious alcohol free alternative for those not willing to compromise on taste.

Gratien & Meyer Festillant Sans Alcool, £4.50 (per bottle), from The Wine Society

If fizz must be de-alcoholised, it’s reassuring to know that it started life in the expert hands of Gratien & Meyer, makers of The Wine Society’s best sparklers. The fruit is from Gascony, there is just one fermentation, in the bottle, and the alcohol is eliminated by a process of vacuum distillation. Serve well chilled on its own, or complement its lemony, appley notes with a dash of fruit cordial.

Mikkeller Drink in the Sun Alcohol Free Pale Ale, £2.50 (per 33cl bottle), from The Wine Society

Light gold in colour, with vibrant citrus and tropical fruit on the nose, a satisfying texture on the palate and a hoppy, lively character through to the finish. It’s just a bonus that at 0.3% it is about as alcoholic as fresh orange juice!

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