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Hello Handsome… your new craft beer BBQ buddy

It’s officially spring and #TeamCoco couldn’t be more excited.

It’s officially spring and #TeamCoco couldn’t be more excited. We’re already putting BBQ dates in our diaries, wondering how soon we can get the paddling pool out and obsessively checking the weather forecast.

In addition to all this we’re taking some time to think about what hero drink we’ll be enjoying in pub gardens come the bank holiday weekend and, if you are a fan of craft beer, have we got a looker for you!

Handsome Brew is a joint venture between Agency TK and the head brewer at Bowston Bridge Brewery and with their range of cheekily named beers poised to fill fridges all over the UK this summer we thought it was about time we caught up with them…

HOC: So, tell us more about the name Handsome, what’s that all about?

HB: We wanted to play on “beauty is only skin deep”, but as it’s a male dominated product we went with Handsome. This name also gave us legs to hang product names from it – like FKR, Stranger, Blacksmith etc. We’re cheeky but credible. We knew the beer would be handsome on the outside from TK’s reputable creative design experience, but would also taste handsome on the inside from the experience our brewers have.

HOC: We like the names and imagine they raise some smiles when ordered at the bar! With quite a range already, what else do you have in store for this summer?

HB: We do have plans to venture out into releasing a range of fruit beers, which will be perfect for summer. As an exclusive, we can tell you we’re thinking of the following fruit beers: “Handsome Cherub” – A Cherry flavour beer and “Handsome Devil” a 6.66% fruit beer!

HOC: How can we get our hands on a bottle of Handsome?

HB: You can find Handsome in many pubs around the towns and villages near our home in The Lake District, and in and around Leeds including The Red Lion in Shadwell, The Corner House Club in Leeds and Everything Good Goes in Tadcaster.
But keep your eyes peeled, we have a few more exciting stockists in the pipeline including three major supermarkets as well as online sales and we are always looking for distributors to carry our products.

HOC; Now, let’s get serious; BBQ season is approaching, what food goes well with your beers?

HB: We think each ale has their own personality, therefore would suit different grubs.
The Blacksmith we would pair with a luxury pork pie and Branston Pickle, to match the rich, dry finish.
Whereas the Top Knot would be perfect paired with your classic BBQ foods this summer: A crunchy beef burger, the odd marinated chicken skewer and dare we say it… carrot sticks and hummus!

HOC: Sounds like a well-balanced BBQ to us! Where else can we find you?

HB: Beer festivals are well underway for 2017, as we have already appeared at Boston Spa Beer Festival and are heavily involved with #craf2017 where all our products will be available and our Head Brewer will be hosting a tasting session on the Friday evening. We’re always keen to get involved in more Beer Festivals if only so we can go along ourselves!
However, we’re incredibly excited to be appearing in the Yorkshire Food & Drink Festival this June in Millenium Sq, Leeds, as well as a few bigger events like Leeds International Beer Festival

To learn more about Handsome Brew head over to handsomebrew.co.uk or feel free to get in touch with rob@handsomebrew.co.uk