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Helpful Hacks to Help Care for a Loved One

The last thing you will want to do is force a parent or grandparent from their home when their health starts to decline.

The last thing you will want to do is force a parent or grandparent from their home when their health starts to decline. That’s why you must find different ways to support an elderly or dependent relative when they feel the impact of aging or a health condition. There are a variety of ways to help including:

Prepare Their Meals

A relative might move from A to B with ease throughout their home, but they might struggle to make complex meals or stay on their feet for too long to cook a delicious meal. If so, consider prepping their meals for them, so they can continue to enjoy tasty, nutritious meals that will provide their body and brain with energy, and they won’t be tempted to turn on the oven or lift a hot, heavy pan off the hob.

Enjoy a Little Social Time Together

Sadly, loneliness and social isolation can result in a shorter lifespan for older adults, as it can take a psychological and physical toll. In fact, a six-year study found loneliness is twice as unhealthy as obesity for older adults.

While an aging relative might require help with their medication, meals, and cleaning, one of their biggest needs might be a regular conversation with their family and friends. Consider taking your loved one out of their home for a change of scenery and enjoy some human interaction with their loved ones. It could be all it takes to help keep a loved one’s loneliness at bay so that they can enjoy a greater quality of life.

Arrange for At-Home Help

If your loved one is struggling to care for themselves within their home, it is important to consider how you, or someone like an in home caregiver franklin, can help them retain their independence without compromising on their health. Fortunately, you do not need to move your aging parent or dependent relative into a nursing home once they start struggling to perform tasks within the home. Visit freedomcareny.com to learn more about home care services that allow your relative to determine who is in charge of their healthcare

Install in a Stairlift

A stairlift could take the pressure off your loved one’s body, as they can simply move up and down the stairs without overexertion, which could allow them to remain in their much-loved home. They simply need to sit back, press a button and make their way up and down the stairs to enjoy greater freedom.

Make Adjustments to Their Home

Of course, you could make your loved one’s life much easier by making a few little adjustments to their home. For example, you could buy a large screen phone, so they can easily see who is calling and make phone calls, which will allow your loved one to socialise with others regularly. You should also remove or secure rugs to avoid trip hazards, and you could rearrange their furniture so they can move freely from room to room. It might also be wise to incorporate more lighting into each room, as 80-year-olds reportedly require three times more lighting in comparison to young adults – but ensure any electrical cords are secured to a wall to prevent an unwanted fall in the home.