What Is Quality Hairdryers Available?

The best blow dryers are easy to use, lightweight, and are dependable for drying your hair quietly and quickly. But you can’t purchase the cheapest brands, or you may be stuck with a dud. Weak quality dryers are noisy, fiddly to use and can leave too much static in your hair.

1. Basic, Affordable Dryers

If you’re not particular about styling, and mostly use your dryer for a quick dry, then an affordable, essential blow dryer is sufficient for your requirements. If the most basic types of dryers offer heat and airflow settings.

Pros – They are cost-effective and straightforward to use.

Cons – Not really suitable for creating elaborate hairstyles.

2. Professional Blow Dryers

Professional hairdryers come with a range of functions and attachments, which leaves you with an option of creating various styles. In addition to accessories like a diffuser or concentrator nozzle, you have the benefit of a quality range of airflow and temperature settings, including a cool shot button. These dryers may also have ceramic, ionic or nourishing technology, higher wattage, and touch control.

Pros – You have more attachments and functions for creating numerous styles, and they have better power.

Cons – They are pricier.

Blow Dryer Power Options

The more advanced the wattage, the better heat your dryer will produce, and the quicker you can dry your hair. For most individuals, a wattage of 1500 – 1800W is more than enough. However, your top range dryers and even some cheap models can have wattage between 2000W and more.

The Best Blow Dryers For Various Hair Types

Straight Hair

The best blow dryer for straight hair must be light enough to hold with being uncomfortable to create the flawless straight style you desire. This style necessitates you blowing your tresses dry from the roots to the end along its length. Dryers with an ionic function are the best choice.

Curly Hair

This type of hair generally looks best when left to dry on its own. To circumvent losing definition when you’re using a dryer, select one that dries hair carefully and gradually. If you wish to allow your hair to dry naturally, you can just give it a quick blast for adding volume. Select a dryer that quickly dries on a high setting. Utilizing a diffuser is an excellent choice but takes a while to create voluminous curls.

Frizzy Hair

A hairdryer with a narrow concentrator nozzle allows you to dry the hair in sections without causing flyaways. Do not over-dry the hair and instead use a dryer that will enable you to dry it gradually. Ionic applications are great for leaving your hair smooth and shiny.

Fine Hair

Make sure you are using a blow dryer with a narrow concentrator nozzle to create a lift at the roots, which gives you’re a better voluminous look. When you have fine hair, it is recommended to dry it at a lower temperature, since this type of hair is more coarse and prone to damage. Heat can cause more damage since it removes moisture from the hair. Don’t hold the dryer against your hair and dry your hair on low speed and heat settings.


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