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Helpful Tips And Tricks When Visiting California

Helpful Tips And Tricks When Visiting California

California is one of the biggest and most diverse States when it comes to people and terrain.

January 21st, 2019

California is one of the biggest and most diverse States when it comes to people and terrain. It has the largest population in the US and is the third largest State and a popular tourist destination due to its crowded cities, mountains, deserts, forests and beaches.

There are a few handy tips and tricks for you to consider when you’re planning a trip to California.

Sun Protection

California is favoured for its sunny days, but it is vital to protect yourself and your family from harmful sunray. Always pack a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen with a good SPF and a hat for daytime activities in the outdoors.

Be Prepared

Be sure to check weather conditions, listen to advisories and never be unprepared when you’re planning a hiking trip or excursion. Always let people know where you’ll be going and when you can be expected to return. Never hike alone, stick to the trails and pack enough drinking water.

Visiting During Off-season

When visiting California during off-season or shoulder season (between peak and off-season) you can avoid the crowds and save money on hotel and resort booking fees. The costs are generally higher during the Summer. Instead, plan a trip for fall or Spring which are also beautiful seasons. However, in some desert areas, i.e. Palm Springs and ski towns, the Summer months are less crowded.

Making Use Of Public Transport

There are plenty of landmarks, museums, sights and tours that are worthwhile paying a visit to. To name only a view of the popular sites Monterey Bay Aquarium, queen mary tours, San Francisco museum, Alcatraz Island and Catalina island will make your trip a memorable one with lasting memories. Specific areas of California can be visited without the need for a car. For areas where parking is expensive or tricky to get into, you can consider buses and trains in Central Los Angeles. In San Francisco where you can find transport options such as streetcars, light rail, coaches, and cable cars. For after-hours you can order a taxi, Lyft or Uber services.

Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency, you can call the following numbers:

  • Dial 911 for emergencies.
  • Dial 311 for local enquiries or information.
  • Dial 411 for directory enquiries.

Water Safety

When planning boat trips, always use safety jackets, never go alone, be vigilant of the tides by using a tide chart and pay attention to hazardous signs and advisories.

Driving Conditions

The roads along the mountain and coastal areas can be narrow and winding and should be driven at a slow pace. Snowy areas may require chains attached to the tyres. Due to lane splitting being legally accepted in California, be mindful of motorcycles passing vehicles and driving in between and along lanes.

Wildlife And Animals

There are dangerous wildlife and animals to be vigilant of and always practice caution and speak to professionals about what you need to do in the event of you coming across any of them.

  • Rattlesnakes
  • Mountain lions
  • Black bears
  • Coyotes


When you are going on a camping excursion, always practice campfire safety and make sure you have the required permits to create an open fire and use taxi perth.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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