Here are some ways to have perfect your travel photograph

One of the best aspects of travelling is photography. Capturing images is a sure shot way to freeze memories and rekindle the joys of travelling at a later date. Photographs are also a great way to show and share your adventures with your family, friends and acquaintances. But all this is possible only when you are able to get that perfect picture! Today, people have advanced technology, gadgets and resources at hand to ensure they get the best travel photographs. The internet is a great resource, whether you are looking for the best CCTV installation services or get the best travel photograph. Well, today, we are going to cover some of the basics to get that perfect travel photograph each and every time.

1. The Golden Hour

Anyone who can appreciate a good bathroom selfie can understand the importance of good lighting. Proper lighting can totally elevate a normal landscape to divine proportions. Now, there are exactly two times during the day when the lighting is just perfect for a photoshoot – at sunrise and during sunset. Known as the golden hour, these times are perfect since there is ample light and the settings will be aglow and shimmer in the soft yet bright lighting making everything you shoot seem surreal. So, to get the best travel photographs, don’t miss the golden hour.

2. The Sun

The sun is the best and natural source of light if used correctly. The best possible way to get the best photograph is with the sun behind you; this way the subject of your photograph is well lit. With the photographer between the sun and the subject of the photograph, nothing will go wrong with the lighting.

3. The Weather

When you are mindful of it, the weather can be your best buddy. The weather is what brings an element of change to your photographs. Even with the places, the changes in the weather can make them seem so different. For example, there is quite a difference in how a place looks with clear blue skies as compared to when there are dark, grey, rain-bearing clouds hanging around. So, use the changes in the weather and elements like blue skies or grey clouds or the greenery, the flora and fauna to bring an element of colour and excitement into the frame.

4. Shoot people in the shade

It is best to shoot in a shady place when capturing people in your travel photographs. Having your subject under the shade will ensure that you have even light all through your frame and there are no harsh shadows on the faces of your subjects. Having the group or the person in the shade will result in a brighter, smoother and a balanced photograph.

5. What to focus on

Another way to make your travel photographs more creative and interesting is to choose what to focus on. Shallow shots are ideal for individual subjects while long-shots are great for landscapes but mixing things up makes everything more interesting!


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