High Street Festival Basics

One of the biggest decisions one will ever make when attending any festival is what to pack.

What if it’s sunny? What if it rains? It will. It will rain.

Always pack your Hunters. Always pack a pair of flip flops. Never, ever pack a jumpsuit, playsuit or onesie… just think about the toilets.

Take either a bum bag or a festival utility belt. If you do need to take a bag, make it a small rucksack and wear it on your front. Style first, safety a very close second.

Take an umbrella. Useful for the rain and any intense sun rays that may accidentally happen upon you.

Tights or long socks. Wear your small stuff during the day but take your warm stuff out with you for when it gets dark. It will get very cold.

Other than that, just wear what you would normally wear, but festival it up. Go crazy. Go sequins, patterns, anything that will stand out.

But make sure you start with the basics.

Here’s our pick of some of the high street’s offerings. With H&M deserving two helpings divided into ‘light’ and ‘dark’ depending on your mood!

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