Himalayan Salt Lamps Having a Big Impact

In a world overrun with stress and anxiety, who would have thought that a simple Himalayan salt lamp could help? Here at House of Coco we are intrigued…

Here is the Science

Everything around us emits ions, both positive and negative.  Scientists are saying that positive ions, which are emitted by the vast amounts of technology surrounding us, like our cellphones, laptops, and televisions can cause trauma and chemical imbalances in our bodies, and too many could lead to crippling anxiety and apprehension.

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So how can the Himalayan salt lamp help?

This simple mineral can bolster your health and lower your anxiety levels.

1. They counter positive ions – The bigger the lamp, the more positive ions it emits. So pick a large one, or a lot of small ones, and evenly displace them around your house.

2. They make you healthier – The rocks contains up to 84 trace minerals that your body needs so it also strengthens your bones, regulates your body pH, and balances the water content in your body.

3. They give you energy – The lamp’s negative ions increase oxygen flow to the brain, says WebMD. This combats lethargy, gives you more energy, and causes you to be more alert.

4. They clean the air around you – Besides sweeping the air for positive ions, the negative ions negate the radioactive waves emitted by our electrical devices, and furthermore protects us from airborne toxicities and any sort of bacterium that could be floating around us.

5. They fight disease – The “electric smog,” or the cloud of radiation that comes from your devices is neutralized.

6. They help you sleep – The best place for a Himalayan salt lamp is in the bedroom. It’s numerous health benefits make you fall asleep easier, and cause you to feel healthy and energized when you wake up.

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