H&M Climbs the List of the Most Sustainable Companies in the World

H&M is ranked number 64 on the Global 100 annual list of the most sustainable companies in the world.


It seems as though fashion giant H&M’s efforts to become the leader of subcategory sustainable-fashion have proven successful; the company has just been named in the 2014 iteration of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World (Global 100).

The retailer’s environmental awareness campaigns, efficient manufacturing procedures, as well as the launch of its popular Conscious Collection all contributed to the inclusion of H&M in the list – for the fifth consecutive year – even climbing to rank 64 overall this year, up from 73 in 2013.

H&M is the highest ranking retailing company, and together with Adidas in 8th place, the only fashion company representing the list.

Qualifying Global 100 companies are scored on a list of twelve quantitative key performance indicators that range from energy and water use, to employee compensation and corporate tax strategy.

Because the indicators are quantitative and clearly-defined, the results of the Global 100 are objective and replicable. The Global 100 follows a rules-based construction methodology and is more similar to a financial index than many other sustainability indices.




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