You’ve bought your dream house and are already enjoying living in it. But, to keep it as it is and increase its value in the long run, homeowners must prioritize home maintenance every six months. Maintaining the house may seem daunting, but it can help you save costly repairs in the future. This article shares a checklist that homeowners must follow to ensure regular home maintenance.

Inspect Home Systems

Maintenance is not only limited to checking appliances and cleaning. It also means checking the major home systems for potential problems. Maintenance is not only limited to checking appliances and cleaning. It also means checking the major home systems for potential problems. During winter, pay close attention to your HVAC systems, clean filthy filters, and replace them to improve indoor air quality to ensure the heater runs efficiently. Test your security system and make sure it functions properly. Check for safety supplies in case there’s a storm or any other natural event that can lead to a power outage. In a nutshell, check each and every system to see if they need any repair or replacement and if so, seek the assistance of licensed HVAC technicians from companies like WireNut Home Services.

Pay Attention to Plumbing

Homeowners should inspect their plumbing system regularly to look for signs of leaks and damage. These damages can include things like cracking of plastic, rust buildup, discoloration on metal pipes, crimping and polymer parts. For water heater maintenance, including tank flashes and other preventative maintenance, make sure to contact the right water heater experts and get all the repair work done. Avoiding such issues in the short term can hurt your pocket in the future for replacements which is why it’s best to always get your plumbing questions answered.

Kitchen and Appliances

Kitchen cleaning should be a part of your regular maintenance routine. It is the room where you spend most of your time. Spilled foods, liquids, and crumbled food can lead to dirt buildup, which can damage your floors and countertops and invite harmful bacterias. So, make sure you take out at least one or two days a week to clean your cabinets and clearing expired items from your pantry. Regularly clean the dishwasher, and don’t leave food leftovers to prevent clogs or leaks. Check if all the kitchen appliances are working properly or need any repair.

Clean Humid Places

Bathrooms, showers, and other areas of your home that become damp easily get mold or mildew, especially when you don’t have proper ventilation. To avoid mold buildup, make sure to scrub bathroom tiles and grout with a cleaning solution at least twice or thrice a month. Also, while you clean, allow some space for ventilation, as it is important for a healthy home environment. Inspect the pipes for any signs of leaks or fixtures or any other changes that could lead to corrosion. Besides, make sure to check caulking around bathtubs, sinks, showers and see if they need repair.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to forget about regular home maintenance if you are a working professional and lead a busy lifestyle. But avoiding maintenance in the short term just for the sake of temporary relief can cost you a big amount of money in the future. Avoiding minimal repairs and updates can lead to costly replacements. Hence, it is better to follow a proper maintenance schedule where you pick days for finishing different tasks.


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