The magnifying presence of mass media continues to demonstrate its power in today’s digital age. From marketing the latest e-commerce products to broadcasting updates on Covid-19, mass media plays a vital role in people’s lives. It even helps shape major decisions, such as an individual’s career selection.

In a 2016 study, results revealed that mass media usage “had a great impact in career selection” among undergraduate veterinary students of Andhra Pradesh, India. That is one of the many academic studies proving that individuals can gain inspiration from television characters they like. The portrayal of a successful, proficient character may contribute to the individual’s decision.

Who wouldn’t be motivated to get into law school when a television character is a successful lawyer fighting for human rights? Or try their hands at becoming an artist complete with watercolor pencils and StazOn ink as art materials? This example has the same effect on aspiring physicians from the concluded Korean drama series,Hospital Playlist.

The feel-good series everyone is looking for

Thediverse genres found in the K-drama series is one of the reasons that it’s well-received internationally. It appeals to the mood of viewers because, for every emotion, there is a K-drama that resonates with it. Due to the overwhelming distress caused by the pandemic, it’s only natural for people to search for feel-good entertainment to distract them from the reality the world is currently enduring.Hospital Playlisthappens to qualify under this search.

The plot follows the friendship of five surgeons who have known each other since medical school. The series provides an accurate depiction of the lives of health professionals, featuring the surgeons’ relationship with each other, their own families, patients, and other colleagues in Yulje Medical Center.

In a YouTube review by DoctorFriends, who are real-life doctors, they validated how it “seemed like a real story.” Because of the dynamics of the storyline, the ending is unforeseeable, making the series more exciting.This feel-good series doesn’t filter the hardships and struggles of characters and even sheds light on the human connection among strangers and loved ones.

Capturing the hearts and souls beyond physicians-to-be

It’s safe to say that the series does not merely touch the hearts and souls of aspiring physicians but anyone who needs to be reminded that the world will always be filled with good people and intentions. It was best manifested in the characters’ wholesome treatment of each other. It was also seen on how they handled problems inside and outside of work.

TV drama critic Yun Suk-jin claimed that the drama “focused on the doctors’ sincerity in their work and their relationship with the patients.” That comes from the observation that medical dramas tend to highlight the power conflict found in the hospital or the love-hate relationship between two lead doctors. Hospital Playlist broke the mold by telling the story of friendship between colleagues and how they managed hardship by supporting one other.

Hospital Playlist leaves a promising impact on viewers in different ways. It can heighten one’s dream to become part of the medical field or simply inspire them to remain a good person despite the prevalence of chaos. Either way, the series shows that life is worth celebrating.


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