The ENGLiSH Hotel

The ENGLiSH Hotel

Hit The Jackpot Of Luxury At The English Hotel Vegas

March 6th, 2023

With House of Coco being a British brand, how could we not mention The ENGLiSH Hotel? One of Las Vegas’s newest additions and concepts, The ENGLiSH Hotel is a “Place for the cultured renegade 21 and over”. Sound just like you? This might be your new favourite haunt!

The hotel is the first of its kind, artfully designed by Chef Todd English, with a vision for the underground Las Vegas arts culture. As House of Coco’s culture writer, this is one hotel I am most excited to experience. On the slightly higher end of budgets, guest rooms start from $319 per night but are in demand, so booking well before your stay is advised to avoid disappointment.

The hotel's main focus is food, given its chef-inspired curation. The Pepper Club is an Asian Ocean Fusion and Sushi Bar concept for late-night dining and local vibes. You can also order room service from The Pepper Club if you fancy a quiet night in. With a sleek and modern lobby, outdoor fire pits, gardens and flower grottos, this Marriot tribute hotel can even be booked with points, and you won’t be surprised by any hidden resort fees. Located in the art district of Las Vegas, you’ll get to soak up all the culture of this great city and unwind in their luscious, softly furnished rooms with showers big enough for two. We’ll let you decide what to do with that information!