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House Moves For Busy Professionals: How Do You Make House Moving Easy By Yourself?

House Moves For Busy Professionals: How Do You Make House Moving Easy By Yourself?

If you’re the kind of busy professional who keeps everything organized, then chances are you have everything under control - and your schedule is extremely packed.

March 12th, 2021

If you’re the kind of busy professional who keeps everything organized, then chances are you have everything under control – and your schedule is extremely packed. You might have meetings left and right and output to submit that you don’t have a lot of time for last-minute dinner plans or even to go have drinks with friends. In turn, the idea of conducting a house move can be extremely daunting – especially when you already have a lot of things on your plate. However, just because you have a full schedule doesn’t necessarily make it impossible for you to finish your house move. In fact, your skills as a busy professional might be able to give you the right mindset to make your house move as easy as possible. Here are some tricks to help you out along the way:

  • Dedicate a day off to submit all necessary requirements. Chances are, if you’re planning to move to a new place, you might have to submit various requirements to local offices. And if you’re making a long distance move, it’s very likely for you to need to travel far away just to accommodate these requirements. Instead of incurring an absence, try to schedule a day off or a paid leave to an entire day where you can submit all necessary requirements. You can use the time left to also meet and arrange details with your best moving company NYC, as well as even buy essential materials and tools for your home.
  • Fix your inventory via a spreadsheet across your days off or break time at work. Instead of allotting an entire day to fix your inventory, try to organize and sort them whenever you have a break from work – these include sorting them at home if possible, and then fixing the organization and formatting of your items if you get the time to do them on your desk. That way, you use your breaks (and not your actual hours) to fix matters about your house move without causing trouble. Likewise, doing this with a spreadsheet allows you to edit your entries on the go and be able to identify which items you want to keep, sell, and even throw away.
  • Start packing your things across weeks instead of mere days. Chances are, you’d probably try to fit in your entire packing process just a few days – or even in the weekend – before your moving day. Sadly, while rushing everything will likely enable you to pack your things in a hurry, this also makes you prone to losing things or misplacing them, making it much harder for you to unpack nicely and properly. Instead, what you should probably do is to start packing things across a span of weeks. Try to allocate specific hours of the day to slowly pack non-essentials or items you don’t use first, and then slowly get to packing each room of your old home until only your frequently-used items are left. By then, once you’re days before your move, you can finally end the packing process by packing things you need everyday. That way, you can easily get them should you need them in a rush, such as for work or other emergencies.
  • Synchronize your working calendar and your moving timeline. Instead of having a separate calendar for your moving timeline and your work routine, try to integrate your moving timeline into the same calendar you use for work. That way, you only have a single reference for everything there is to know regarding your move. If you do this, you might find it much easier finding times within particular days that might open up to accommodate parts of your move. You may be able to allocate a trip to your new home during your off days, and you might notice that you can start travelling to your home as soon as you get off work before your day off! Likewise, you might notice that a meeting with a client takes you close to the hardware store, so you might as well buy other materials for your move after the meeting!
  • Hire professionals to handle the heavy lifting and logistics. If you’re the kind of professional who has a busy schedule that doesn’t have the time to fit in the major aspects of the move might want to rely on professionals instead. Thanks to moving services long distance, busy professionals can count on the expertise and skill set of moving teams to handle the heavy parts of the moving process. These include things such as packing and unpacking things, transportation and storage, or even handling other logistical needs such as helping you out with the necessary forms or even insurance. With their skill set and knowledge, you can have a more comfortable time with your move.

Making Moving Work For You: The Busy Professional’s Way

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that moving is perfectly possible even if you have a jam packed calendar and schedule. Remember, all you need is the right kind of planning and the right execution in order to ensure that your approach to your house move is the best one that your options offer. Moreover, it’s perhaps advantageous on your end as a busy professional to manage your move, as you’re already in the “zone” to organize things according to the proper time frame. With the above tips, you may be able to integrate and synchronize everything according to your schedule just fine.



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