Introducing: Nubyén – The British Clean Beauty & Activewear Brand

Wellness is a word that has well, become something we say nearly every day. [...]

Wellness is a word that has well, become something we say nearly every day. The demand for products that enhance our wellbeing is increasing and is re-vamping what we look for within beauty.

If you’re looking for luxurious, effective, and mindful products, then let us introduce you to Nubyén. A brand that focuses on clean cosmetics and activewear. Making women look and feel good

Made in England using only clean, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, Nubyén manages to keep science at the core. Nubyén is created by Dr. Lola and a team of practicing Medical Drs alongside Clinical scientists and co-founding Veterinary Scientist, Hanna.

After a trip to Ubud, Bali with her husband, the importance of wellness was something Dr. Lola Rachel realised. That was when Nubyén was created. Since then, Nubyén has become a coveted brand with many cult products. A loyal following means the brand is currently available on FeelUnique, Revolve, Beauty Bay and launched with Net-a-Porter earlier this week.

Ever expanding, with now over 20 beauty products and an activewear range, Nubyen is set to reach new heights. #TeamCoco was lucky enough to have the chance to ask Dr. Lola a few questions about her routine and thoughts on wellness.

The pressure to look perfect is ever-increasing and ‘normal’ is less sought after. At what point did you realise you wanted to offer less invasive options?

That’s a very good question. I feel that we are under pressure consistently. We place our identity in our image. This is normal, however, this can breed insecurities especially with external pressures. I believe that we all have things that make us truly beautiful. Sometimes the things that we loathe another loves. I, therefore, love the notion of us celebrating the features that we have and accentuating them.

As a Dr. have you noticed an increasing interest in wellbeing?

At Nubyén we truly believe in the 360 approach to beauty that beauty, active and wellness go hand in hand. People are becoming highly educated in the products and ingredients that they use and consume. Another area I see is biohacking space where people try to optimise their performance. This can be done via eating habits, learning about hormones, gut health, using clean products and exercise.

The products on Nubyén act as alternatives to cosmetic procedures. At what point would you recommend a procedure?

Nubyén hopes to empower you. Whether you opt for surgical procedures or not. We do not judge and believe that everyone has freedom of choice. Our products also enable people to try without the full commitment of an invasive procedure. We also love that our products are reversible too! 

What is your favourite product?

Personally, I love Nubyén Nude, Nubyén Lip Filler, Beautox & Elevated Mood Oil. (I couldn’t help but squeeze in four of my faves)

What is your current beauty routine?

I try to invest some time into my beauty routine, so try to set intentions for my day. First, I cleanse, with Nubyen Allantoin cleanser, then follow with a toner. Before moisturising with Nubyén Validate CBD Supercharged Glow facial moisturiser, which I add a drop of Nubyen elevated mood oil. Lastly, I do my brows but I have noticed I do not feel complete without a lip plumper; I love the feeling of the tingling. 

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