Moving into a new house is a huge reason to celebrate, and what better way to mark that celebration than will a practical and gorgeous housewarming gift. No matter if your BFF just moved to a new apartment or if your brother just bought his first house, everyone will need these little thoughtful gifts. Here are a few ideas that will make any house feel like home.

A fancy candle

There’s no better way to evoke the feeling of warmth than with a nice scented candle. And make sure to splurge—it’s amazing how much difference a quality product makes. Look for something with subtle but rich scent that also comes in an aesthetically pleasing packaging. Complete your present with a beautiful lighter or a vintage book of matches since these things often go missing during the move.

Kitchen gadgets

If you know they love to spend time in the kitchen, make sure to concentrate on that part of the house. You can make their move official with a gorgeous engraved cutting board—that gift is perfect for all newlyweds who just moved to their new house. In many cases, you can pick out the type of wood together with the unique engraving. You can also treat your friend with a new set of measuring cups if you know they love to bake. For all those who love to keep their place neat and clean, a set of dish towels is where you should look. These are a true kitchen necessity and will always come in handy. Also, a new kitchen might spark imagination and encourage people to experiment with new dishes, so you might want to grab a practical cookbook as your housewarming gift.

Magnetic key holder

This one’s perfect for all key-losers. In order to prevent the keys of their new home from disappearing in the move, grab a beautiful magnetic key holder for their entrance. If you go custom, you can pick out any shape that you want! Plus, this is also useful for other metal things like change, jewelry and various other trinkets they have lying around the house.

Something nostalgic

No matter how much they were looking forward to their move, it’s still a bittersweet experience. So, make them remember their previous home with a little piece of nostalgia. You can print out the map or floorplan of their old neighborhood, street or apartment and combine them with beautiful custom frames perfect for any home. Every space needs some wall art, so this is a gift that will definitely not go unused. Or you can grab a custom serving board in the shape of their state or country of origin. Every time they feel nostalgic, your housewarming gift will make them feel so much better!

Flowers and plants

There’s no better way to brighten up the space than to fill it with some greenery. Being surrounded with plants can help relieve stress, improve mood and make your space toxin-free and fresh. But, it also gives the space that put-together look all people strive to achieve. So, grab a medium-sized plant for their new home. Choose something that’s low-maintenance (snake plant, spider plant, aloe or succulents) so they can reap all the benefits without having to hover over the plant all the time. However, if you know your gift recipient has a notorious black thumb, it’s better to choose a fresh bouquet of flowers for their space. This will add some color and freshness to the space without any responsibilities.


In order to make their house feel warmer and cozier, why not opt for something literally warm and cozy like a throw? A super soft blanket will always come in handy during the chilly evenings with Netflix. Plus, these come in all imaginable colors and materials yet they are pretty affordable. If you want to go big, splurge on cashmere, mohair or faux fur. In case you don’t know the color scheme of your home, choose something neutral and you won’t make a mistake.

A welcome mat

This is a classic finishing touch that makes every house feel and look like home. It’s simple and useful and you can even get custom made models with fun sayings or their initials. This is something everyone buys eventually, so you’re literally doing them a favor with your thoughtful gift.

Make sure to match your gift to your recipient and you won’t have any problems picking out a perfect housewarming present. Hopefully, some of these above-mentioned ideas will come in handy while shopping or spark a brand new idea. No matter what you choose, you’ll definitely make someone’s house warmer, cozier and more beautiful!


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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