Soft but solid, perfect amount of firmness and softness, best purchase ever…these are some of the glowing comments from customers who’ve bought the Nectar mattress.

That’s not to say it is perfect. There are some negative reviews as well with some users saying it is too firm and takes a bit too long to expand fully.

But overall, it is one of the most popular and highest rated memory foam mattress on Amazon.

With 4 layers of foam, multiple cooling techniques and a lifetime warranty, the mattress is designed to be comfortable, supportive, cool and long-lasting.

Read on to learn what makes it one of the most comfortable memory foam mattresses you can buy.

1. Plush Comfort and Firm Support Create a Balanced Feel

Like most of the mattress, the Nectar mattress has two main sections that balance each other.

The top two layers make up the comfort section. This is where the soft and plush feel of the mattress comes from.

The foam contours to your body, creating a comfy hug and relieving pressure.

The bottom two layers make up the support section. They are firmer, ensuring you don’t sink too far and ensuring the mattress lasts long.

The two sections create the perfect feeling that customers describe as ‘soft but solid’.

This balance is essential as it ensures that you enjoy a plush mattress without waking up with back pain.

2. Stays Cool

Of the four layers in the Nectar mattress, three are memory foam.

This would normally be bad news because of memory foam’s tendency to get hot.

But the manufacturer has done a lot to keep the mattress cooler than any other memory foam mattress you’ll ever try.

The top layer consists of quilted gel memory foam. The gel conducts heat away from the mattress.

The second layer is also gel memory foam.

Also, the mattress comes with a Tencel cover.

Tencel is a cotton alternative that is softer, more breathable and better at wicking away moisture.

It keeps the mattress cool, dry and fresh. Even if you sweat a lot at night, you’ll still enjoy good sleep.

3. Perfect Medium Firm Feel

Medium firm is the best for 80% of sleepers. It provides just the right balance between soft comfort and firm support.

Nectar gets this balance just right thanks to the two sections I described above.

The comfort section creates the soft plush feel that hugs your body and the support section holds you up and gives the mattress a solid feel.

If most mattresses feel too firm or too soft for you, try Nectar.

There’s no risk. They give you a whole year to test the mattress at home. If at any time you don’t like it, you can return it and get a full refund.

4. Bouncier than You Expect

Memory foam mattresses are not very responsive, meaning they do not bounce. For this reason, they are not the best for sex or for people who move around the bed a lot in sleep.

The Nectar mattress doesn’t come close to a spring or latex mattress, but it is bouncier than you expect.

That’s because of the Adaptive Hi Core memory foam in the third layer. The firm foam provides excellent support and gives the mattress some bounce.

5. No Disturbances for Couples

If you have a fidgety partner, you’ll love the Nectar mattress.

Unlike older continuous and Bonnell spring mattresses, the Nectar mattress stays still when one of you moves.

The dense foam doesn’t transmit motion across the mattress, allowing you to sleep peacefully no matter how much your partner or pet tosses and turns.

A Quick Overview of the Nectar Mattress

No. of layers: 4 (quilted gel memory foam, gel memory foam, transition memory foam and a base layer)

Cover material: Tencel

Firmness: Medium firm

Trial period: 365 days

Warranty: Lifetime

Shipping: Free within the contiguous US

CertiPUR certified: yes

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