Have you recently purchased some new sterling silver jewelry? Maybe you’ve inherited some jewelry from a family member, or bought it used.

Sterling silver looks “unclean” quickly. This is because it’s so prone to tarnishing.

How do you clean sterling silver jewelry to keep it bright and shiny for years?

We’re here to help. There are plenty of bad “DIY” methods online but we want to help you avoid ruining your jewelry with those. Keep reading for some of our top tips for cleaning your dull silver jewelry until it looks sparkly and new.

Use a Polish Cloth

Polish clothes are the safest way to wipe away some of the discoloration in your silver jewelry. You can also keep these cloths in the boxes or bags with your jewelry to help prevent future tarnishing.

Polish clothes can be picked up from many jewelry stores, or you can get a swatch of the fabric from the average craft or fabric store. Look for “silver polishing cloth” if you’re interested in buying it buy the yard. If you want to line a jewelry box or create several silver bags this is a great choice.

Use Liquid Polish

There are liquid silver polishes that can be bought from craft stores and hardware stores, though you want to make sure you get one that can work with fragile 925 sterling silver jewelry.

These can work together with a polishing cloth or with any other soft piece of fabric that isn’t too abrasive. Rub the jewelry down with the polish and know that you may have to put a bit of work into it. This isn’t suggested for delicate chains.

Try Baking Soda

There are some people who say scrubbing with baking soda is the answer, but the real answer is much more gentle and may reverse the chemical process that causes tarnishing in the first place.

Line a heat-safe bowl with normal household aluminum foil. Add boiling water to the bowl on top of the foil.

To this, add one tablespoon of baking soda per cup of water.

Put your tarnished silver jewelry into the bowl, ensuring that each piece is laying flat on the aluminum foil. Leave them alone for up to 10 minutes. When you remove them, pat gently with a microfiber cloth and leave them out to dry.

Try Baking Soda…and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar combine to make one of the most popular cleaning solutions. Why not try it here?

Start with a bowl of lukewarm water and add one half of a cup of white vinegar. Add up to 2 tablespoons of baking soda and allow your jewelry to sit in the bowl for 2 hours. Check on it in 1 hour.

Rinse with cold water and dry with a soft cloth.

Again, this is for sturdier pieces. Leave your delicate jewelry to the silver cloth method.

How Do You Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry? It’s Easy!

If you’ve been looking at your tarnished trinkets and thinking “how do you clean sterling silver jewelry?” you’re in luck. These methods are simple, affordable, and will keep your jewelry looking nice for years to come.

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