Are you wondering how long do MacBooks last? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the important things to understand.

MacBooks are one of the most sought-after laptops on the market. Whether you are a newcomer to Macs or a seasoned Mac geek, you want to get the best MacBook when you can!

MacBooks, of course, cost a fortune and you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. You want to make sure that your MacBook lasts for years to come.

But do you know how long do MacBooks last?

The short answer is that there is no answer. You have to focus on maintaining your Mac well so that it can last longer.

Here’s what you should do:

Buy a New MacBook

You should always consider buying the latest model of a MacBook when you can. You should also consider buying a new Mac as opposed to a refurbished or used Mac.

Whether you choose a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, you can ensure that the latest model will last longer — because it hasn’t been worn as an older model.

You should also consider reading this blog post if you want to sell your older Mac to finance a new Mac.

Whether you buy a new or refurbished MacBook, you have to take further steps to ensure a longer lifespan.

Let’s start with freeing up space:

Storage Space

If your Mac doesn’t have a lot of storage space, this will lead to your Mac slowing down. If this slowness persists, it will greatly affect the longevity of your Mac’s lifespan.

At least once per month, free up space by backing up files to external hard drives, cloud storage solutions (including iCloud), or by deleting what’s no longer necessary.

As a general rule, make sure that at least 50% of your storage space is free. So if your MacBook holds 500 GB, you should always have 250 GB available.

Update Your OS X

You have to make sure that your Mac always uses the latest operating system. When Software Update informs you of the latest OS X available, you should update it as soon as possible.

The latest OS X always works to fight against viruses, bugs, and to speed up your Mac. These work to prolong your Mac’s life. The longer you postpone this, the more susceptible your Mac is to denigrate.

Let It Relax

Finally, you have to let your MacBook relax. Turn it off at least once per day and put it in sleep mode if you go hours without needing to use it.

When your MacBook is in use, only have the apps open that you need to use. Just as you close several tabs open in a web browser when you don’t need them, make sure you keep close applications when not in use.

If you find that your MacBook overheats, turn it off for several hours. Keep it in a cooler environment so that it doesn’t overheat naturally.

How Long Do MacBooks Last? Now You Know!

Now that you know how long do MacBooks last, you can make better decisions to maintain your MacBooks health. Make sure to share this guide with your fellow Mac users.

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