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How luxury sells in the online casino sector

How luxury sells in the online casino sector

One of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, the online casino sector is enjoyed by players of all backgrounds.

April 27th, 2020

One of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, the online casino sector is enjoyed by players of all backgrounds. No longer the domain of the rich or the experienced player, classic games like blackjack, roulette, and poker are more accessible than ever before.

Industry operators have capitalized on faster internet speeds and more powerful devices to deliver an experience that rivals practically any offline casino experience, while the rise of the smartphone during the last 15 years has also provided a tangible boost to the marketplace.

But what other tactics do casino brands use to entice audiences? One major method used is the utilization of themes and flavors designed to capture the imagination of players new and old – and here we examine the use of luxury as a marketing accessory in the sector.

The modern online casino

The modern online casino offers far more than blackjack, poker, roulette, and other land-based casino staples. Although those games remain popular, the modern selection also features casual titles like bingo and slots.

For the casual player looking to enjoy their experience while staking only a small amount, a new bingo game can offer the ideal entertainment escape, especially given the range of titles available to players, including regionalized rules and the opportunity to play for less than a dollar.

But, whether it’s bingo or blackjack, the theme of luxury plays a key role in engaging with the player. It can be used to emphasize the size of the prize pot, or simply help to transport the user to another world!

Examples of luxury in online casino gaming

Beyond the prize pots, luxury can be experienced in many different ways while engaging with the online casino sector. For example, Slingo Riches uses gold and a range of precious jewels to portray a luxury feel, while Hit Me Baccarat makes use of a sweeping calligraphic typeface in its branding to create a classic casino aesthetic.

Setting the scene is a crucial part of casino development and perhaps as big a part of the experience as the gameplay itself. Even on smaller screens, the resolution of smartphone displays and the quality of audio output enables players to truly immerse themselves in the action on screen.

Luxury lends itself perfectly to these advancements, making use of vibrant colors and vivid soundboards to enhance the overall gaming interaction. It’s no surprise, then, that so many developers utilize visual devices that sit under the ‘luxury’ umbrella to tell a story in their games.

Why does luxury sell?

Aspirational products are nothing new and marketeers will intentionally advertise a product as being at the cutting edge of luxury living. For many of us, a bigger salary, nicer car, and roomier home are status symbols to chase, and the theme of luxury fits hand in glove with this.

Particularly in the world of the casino, the theme of luxury evokes images of James Bond, and of wealthy men in tuxedo suits accompanied by glamorous women. At one point in our lives, we’ve all aspired to live the life of a rock star – and this provides us with a taste.

Of course, luxury doesn’t appeal to everyone. That’s why the casino sector is rich with themes and aesthetics to cater to even the quirkiest of tastes, including players in their 20s through to older citizens eager to relive memories from their past.

There truly is a theme for everything in the world of online casino gaming and, as we have demonstrated in this article, luxury is a major part of that. Whether you engage with it or not, this particular aesthetic will continue to engage players with the sector.



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