Dressing your age is something all men should understand. Some things are simply unacceptable when you get older and you have to be ready to give up some trends even if they feel comfortable. Dressing appropriately is also what allows you to look better as you age. Young men should know their limits as well, and avoid the many faux pas they tend to make. If you want to look great no matter your age, here are a few tips for dressing appropriately in your 20s, 30s, and 40s.

How to Dress in Your 20s

Being in your 20s brings many advantages when it comes to fashion. You get to experiment a little more and keeping a healthy frame tends to be much easier, so more things will work on you. This is also when you will start developing a personal style. One of the most important things to master as a younger man is accessorizing. You have to know how to layer and combine accessories and be as tasteful as possible.

You also have to make sure that you invest in quality pieces. If you’re looking for a design with great options, check out Alexander McQueen. You should look at the full Alexander McQueen FW21 collection, especially the accessories. You’ll find everything including great bracelets and rings, and various types of necklaces. They also have interesting things like ear cuffs and all sorts of different bags that you can choose from.

You will also need to start with a theme. Most people like to vary their pieces, but they usually fall under one category and it’s usually easily identifiable with one word. Some may be more preppy, grunge, street, or athletic. Knowing this will be important as it will set a tone for the rest of your clothing.

Be careful to not chase trends, and instead learn how to use neutral colors to counterbalance loud colors and patterns. This trick alone will allow you to instantly elevate your style and not end up looking tacky.

How to Dress in Your 30s

Your 30s are when you should be growing into your own, and when you should know exactly what you like. Blazers should start making an appearance now, and if you don’t have one and you’re in your 30s, your style is probably lacking.

If you’re starting to get a bit scruffier, things like hoodies might look odd on you. You might want to look at more tailored and stripped-down options or go for sweaters and cardigans instead. You will also need to learn how to layer as this will become an important part of your style from now on.

The most important thing to remember when layering is picking pieces that serve a function and layering colors and patterns on a gradient. When layering colors, they should go from lightest to darkest starting with the layer that’s closer to your body. Patterns should also go from lightest to busiest in any direction.

How to Dress in Your 40s

Now is the time to fully cement your style. Suits should now be a staple and will look great on you even in casual settings. Don’t worry about being overdressed as this will no longer be a thing if you’re past the age of 40. People expect older men to look distinguished, so don’t be afraid to be the only person wearing a blazer at a rooftop party.

Accessories will also be very important at this age. You will need to start looking at things like cufflinks, tie bars, and high-end eyewear. You should also have a few pocket squares, scarves, and start looking at hats if they suit you.

Casual suits are something not enough men wear, but they can make you look sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. These also transition very well from day to night. Layering will be essential here as well, and you should start to incorporate comfort pieces. This is the time to nail the rough and rugged look, so try to look for comfortable pieces in neutral tones to complement your look.

This doesn’t mean, however, that everything you wear has to be bland. There are plenty of ways that you can show personality even as you get older. One of them is by pairing your socks and shoes correctly. A nice pair of colorful socks with tan shoes and a nice navy suit can make for a great combination. The socks will bring just the right splash of color to make your entire outfit stand out. It’s also the time to start wearing funkier, more colorful ties, so don’t hesitate to experiment here as well.

These are all tips that men can use to look great no matter their age. The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, but be mindful of what to avoid.


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