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How Much Do You Know About Kaftans?

They’re cozy. They’re comfortable, and you never want to take them off. If only you could wear them all the time, all day, all night, and everywhere.

They’re cozy. They’re comfortable, and you never want to take them off. If only you could wear them all the time, all day, all night, and everywhere. Well, here’s the good news. The kaftans today have evolved to become so versatile that you can!

Never has a piece of clothing been more sought after than the kaftan because of its comfort, elegance, and versatility. Not to mention the fact that many kaftans today combine all the elements above with contemporary fashion. Just take a look at the very vibrant selection online or in-stores to see how much kaftan patterns, colours, styles, and designs have evolved over the years.

From the moment you own your first piece of kaftan, you are going to fall in love. From a casual afternoon out, a day at the beach, or during celebrations and events, a kaftan can be worn any which way you want it to. So, how much do you know about this piece of clothing that has come to be loved by millions?

More Than Just A Floaty Piece of Material

Say the word kaftan and the image that immediately pops to mind is a long, floaty-looking dress that fits loosely on your body. The original look resembles a long-sleeve tunic, but kaftans differ based on the wide sleeves and the lightweight fabric that they are made of. The lightweight material is the key element of the kaftan because a kaftan is specifically made to be comfortable.

A kaftan comes in several patterns, colors, shades, and lengths. You will find something to fit everyone’s unique style. A kaftan looks the same as a Muumuu, which originated from Hawaii. A Muumuu also comes in bright colors and floral prints that are iconic to Hawaiian culture. Kaftans, on the other hand, originated from Mesopotamia. Back in the day, a kaftan was only worn by royalty and they were worn by both men and women alike.

Over the years, the kaftan was adopted by other cultures, from the Middle East, North Africa, and all the way to Southwest Asia. Even the Russian and Jewish cultures began to fall in love with the kaftans and began designing their own version of the kaftan. Finally, sometime around the 20th century, the kaftan finally made its way to the United States. Ever since then, kaftans have slowly evolved to meet the demands of today’s current trends and latest fashion.

Kaftans of All Lengths and Sizes

The best part about the evolution of fashion is that every woman (or man) can find something that they will fall in love with. Whether you want your kaftan for a casual day out or an elegant evening function, it’s easy to find a kaftan for every occasion.

The long kaftan is the most common kaftan style that you will come across. These kaftans are long in length, and if you buy a kaftan that is just right for your height, it should fall just above your ankles. As for the sleeves, long length kaftans either come in short or long sleeves, depending on what your preference is. Pair it with a nice pair of sandals for a more casual look, or strap on a pair of dressy heels for a night out on the town.

Shorter kaftan lengths are one example of how the kaftan has evolved to meet the latest fashion trends. This is because the kaftan was originally intended to cover a person’s entire body. But fashion doesn’t always stay true to its origins, and evolving fashion trends are part of what makes dressing up so much fun. Enter the shorter kaftans, designed for the more adventurous individual who loves to show off a little more skin. A cute pair of shoes and some statement accessories will have you turning heads as you strut down the streets. If you’re keen to give the shorter kaftan a go at more conservative events, a pair of tights will instantly take you from day to night in no time.

The V-neck kaftan is another addition to the modern day kaftan look. V-necks speak to the soul of the more adventurous individual who still wants to look stylish while wearing something comfortable at the same time. The V-neck kaftan could quite literally be the perfect ensemble, because they are designed to expose just the right amount of skin without showing off too much. Take your V-neck out for a day by the beach or even a casual family barbeque.

If you’re looking for something that is going to hug your curves a little bit more, there is always the fitted kaftan. The fitted kaftan twist on the traditional version that was designed to fit loosely on your body. The fitted kaftan is designed to flatter your curves in just the right way. These super versatile pieces can work with either jeans or tights, depending on what you feel most comfortable in. If you still prefer something a little looser, you could still turn that into a fitted look with a belt that can be used to cinch your outfit. See why everyone loves kaftans so much?

What About Using Them As An Overcoat?

Did you know that kaftans could even be worn as overcoats these days? That’s right, they’re not just a single piece of clothing anymore. Another brilliant version of the kaftan is how they can be used lightweight overcoats that you throw on to add a pop of colour. The open kaftan is the perfect addition to a day at the beach because you can throw it over your bathing suit and voila! You’ve got a nice and colorful cover up.

The open kaftan could also be used as a lightweight jacket that you wear over your jeans, dresses or skirts for that extra pop of color. These looks are perfect, especially for the spring or fall season.

Kaftans are the perfect attire that will add a little sparkle or razzle dazzle to your outfit. If you’re looking to spice things up, check out the selection of available kaftans at Kaftko.com.