How often should you bathe your Golden retriever? You most likely wash your hair several times a week, and you’re wondering if your golden retriever should be given the same care. Your golden retriever is covered with a lot of fur, and you are wondering if they need to be washed more or less often. Well, bathing your golden retriever every two months is more than enough.

Golden retrievers have quite thick fur, so they don’t need to be bathed as often as other dogs. Bathing for your golden retriever every two months is okay. Golden retrievers are water dogs and are known to have strong fur. Golden retriever’s furs secrete natural oils that help prevent tangling. As long as you brush their fur regularly, it will continue to look healthy and well-kept. Naturally, it would help if you bathed your golden retriever every two months, but this could change depending on the lifestyle of your dog. How regularly you bathe your dog depends on;

  • The time they spend playing in the water
  • Where they live; rural or urban
  • How common parasites are in your environment
  • How often do they play outside

These factors listed above can also influence how regularly you need to bathe your golden retriever.

Here are some tips you need to know before you bathe your golden retriever:

Get the proper shampoo

Dogs require special shampoo as their hair is different from ours. You need to go to a dog shop and get a dog shampoo that will be soothing for your golden retriever. There are shampoos for golden retrievers, and you should select the best one for your dog. Go to a pet shop and ask for recommendations on the best shampoo you can buy for your golden retriever.

Make it as relaxing as you can

Your golden retriever requires special care, and you will need to make it very relaxing for them. If it is the first bath your golden retriever is getting you to need to make it as easy on them as you can. It would help if you were very gentle on them, don’t be too harsh on their skin. You should make sure the temperature of the water is perfect. The water you should use to bathe your golden retriever should not be too hot or cold.

Give them treats

Nothing gets a dog going like rewards for good behaviour. Your dog needs to be eased into bathing, and you should make it as pleasant as you can for them. Whenever they do something that you like while you are bathing them, give them treats. It would help if you also surrounded your golden retriever with their favorite toys so they can be very comfortable while you’re bathing for them.

Now that you know some of the tips you need to know before you bathe for your golden retriever, here is how you should bathe for them.


The first thing you need to decide on is where you will be bathing your golden retriever. You will have to bathe your golden retriever in your bathtub or a doggy tub. Some doggy tubs can be rearranged so you can bathe them anywhere in your house.

Comb their fur

After you have decided where you will bathe your dog, you need to brush their fur. If your golden retriever’s fur is tangled, the water and shampoo won’t be able to get all the dirt out. So make sure you brush your golden retriever’s fur before you bathe them.


The water you use to bathe for your golden retriever is very important. You should make sure the water is not too hot as it can affect the sensitive skin of your golden retriever. You should take great care as if you’re bathing for a baby. If you still aren’t sure of how warm the water should be, ask a veterinarian or a groomer.

Shampoo and rinse gently

Lather your golden retriever’s fur with a dog shampoo while speaking to them with a gentle voice. Make sure that you don’t get any shampoo in your golden retriever’s eyes and ears. Once you’ve shampooed your golden retriever well, rinse them gently with lukewarm water.


You can’t use the hairdryer humans use as it will be too harsh on their skin. Once you’ve towelled them down, let the air dry them.

Once you are done bathing your golden retriever, pet them and play with them to reward their good behaviour. Giving your golden retriever treats will make them love baths. If you’re too busy or unsure of how to bathe your golden retriever, you can hire a professional to bathe them for you. Healthy fur and skin are essential and can improve the health of your golden retriever. Bathe for your golden retriever and watch their skin and fur shine.


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