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How People Can Overcome Loneliness

How People Can Overcome Loneliness

Feeling lonely is something that everyone can suffer from

March 23rd, 2023

Feeling lonely is something that everyone can suffer from, but it is not something that anyone should have to just let happen. There are many different ways that people can overcome loneliness, and it’s crucial you are able to put at least one, if not more, of these ideas in place when you realise you’re feeling isolated.

Loneliness can lead to mental health issues, lack of energy, high blood pressure, and even cognitive decline in later years. Therefore, read on to find out how to overcome loneliness when you need to.

Find A New Hobby

Hobbies are good for you because they give you something other than work to focus on, they are something you can do just for yourself (so they’re a form of self-care), and they give you something to look forward to, not to mention the fact that you can learn new skills.

Another benefit of a hobby is that you’ll be able to meet new people and those people will already have something in common with you, ensuring you can strike up a conversation and potentially even a friendship much more easily. Even if the hobby you choose is a solo pursuit, you can still join forums and groups to discuss that hobby, so socialisation is still possible.


When you volunteer for a cause close to your heart, you can help other people in a productive way. However, more than that, you can help yourself. When you are volunteering, you will meet new people in a variety of different ways, whether that’s because you’re working in a charity shop, donating blood, raising money for something, or picking up litter,  for example.

These are people you might not have met otherwise, and you’ll feel happy and useful at the same time as being able to talk to people, helping you combat loneliness even more. Plus, volunteering will give you a great reason to leave the house; you won’t want to disappoint anyone who is relying on you.

Get A Massage

Booking a massage at somewhere like secrettantric.com is another excellent way to reduce loneliness. An intimate massage will reduce your stress levels and make you feel calm and happy, and it is proven that physical contact with other people is good for you. If you are feeling lonely, this kind of massage can solve a number of problems all at once, and if you make it a regular booking, you’ll always have something to look forward to.

Keep In Touch Online

It’s not always possible to keep in touch with loved ones by visiting them. You might have moved far away, or perhaps they did. Or maybe everyone is very busy, and it’s hard to organise a time for everyone to be together.

Make it a priority to chat with any friends and relatives you don’t get to see very often online. This could be as simple as sending a daily or weekly catch-up email, or you might prefer to use video calling so you can feel as though you are in the room with them. No matter what suits you best, keeping in touch with loved ones is an excellent way to overcome loneliness, as you’ll remember you’re not alone and you are loved.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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