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How Pro Hang the Light on The Christmas Tree

Putting the lights and bulbs on the Christmas tree sometimes looks pretty difficult. You have to cover most of the tree with a sequence.

Putting the lights and bulbs on the Christmas tree sometimes looks pretty difficult. You have to cover most of the tree with a sequence. You couldn’t just put the lights haphazardly because in the way the beauty of the tree can be compromised.

Here in the blog, you will learn the right way to put the lights like a pro. Let’s discuss this in detail for a better understanding.

First You Should Know the Number of Lights

You need to know the number of lights for your tree. As a general rule, you need 100 lights or bulbs to cover one foot of the tree. Now, you can easily understand how many bulbs you require to decorate the tree.

But it is just common practice, but you can use the extra bulbs if you want to make a unique design or if you already have extra bulbs, you can use those on the tree. But over-stuffing of bulbs can minimize the beauty of the tree so always care about it. If you are going to celebrate your next Christmas in Australia, you can buy christmas lights in Melbourne, of high quality.

Things You Should Avoid

You have seen, many people put the lights on the tree randomly and wires of bulbs mix up with each other. In this way, the wire can break or you might experience the frequent off and on of lights.

There are only two best ways to hang the light on the tree, horizontally or vertically. If you want to make a new design with light or want to put a light in a unique style, you have to choose a professional for this.

The Best Possible Way to Hang the Tree Lights

When you want to hang the lights, you should keep in mind the following tips.

  • You have a large number of bulbs and once you put them on, you can’t put them off easily. so, always check the working of the bulbs before installation. Besides that, you should look at the tree’s dark spots and gaps and imagine the designs in your mind.
  • Secondly, the horizontal installation of the bulbs is the most traditional way. But for this purpose, you should take a professional look around the tree. As you know, you put many branches on the tree and so you can put the lights on the edge of the branches.
  • Another popular way to hang lighting is vertical. In this installation, you should hang the light in such a way that there should be a minor difference between the decorations and bulbs. avoid overlapping or overwrapping the bulbs on the decorations.
  • You should bend the loose and broken parts of the wires, in this way, you can avoid the injury.
  • Don’t mix the wires, so that you can experience the spark of light.
  • As you have many decorations and ornaments on the tree, if you find the other things are minimizing the beauty of your tree, you can remove those things and can put the light on those places.


To conclude, if you want to put the lights on a Christmas tree try by yourself like a pro, you should follow the above-mentioned tips. You know the Christmas tree is always the center point of your place. So, always focus on it when you have a Christmas.