How Quitting Smoking Can Help Your Body

Whether you have been smoking for most of your adult life, or have only recently started, it is best to stop as soon as possible. [...]

Whether you have been smoking for most of your adult life, or have only recently started, it is best to stop as soon as possible. Even though it can be difficult, especially due to the addiction associated with the nicotine, it is accomplishable. For extra support, it can be worth speaking to your friends, family, and even your physician, who may be able to further advise you as well as prescribe aids to help you quit. 

Facial Benefits

There are a number of benefits for your face that can be gained when you quit smoking. One of the main ones that people notice is that the teeth are less likely to be discolored or yellow, and that a person’s breath no longer reeks of stale cigarettes. 

Looking at this article on dry eye syndrome, you can also see how smoking affects your eyesight, with both dry eyes and general vision problems that can occur from prolonged usage. Some people have also found that, on quitting smoking, their hearing, taste, and smell levels become increased. 

Skin Benefits

Your skin will also be incredibly grateful for your choice to quit smoking. Regular cigarette use can age the skin, especially alongside too much exposure to the sun. On top of this, you may find that you no longer have yellow or brown patches on your fingers and nails, caused by close, regular proximity to the smoke, as well as the nicotine and tar levels found in cigarettes. While you might not notice the smell of cigarettes that lingers on your skin, as well as your hair and clothes, others most likely will. Shortly after quitting smoking, and regular showers, this smell will gradually dissipate, leaving you smelling fresh and clean. 

Organ Benefits

Many of your organs can become compromised through regular consumption of cigarettes. After quitting, you are less likely to succumb to heart attacks or failure, and your blood can become thinner, reducing the likelihood of clots in your arteries. Your lungs can also benefit, due to a lower chance of developing COPD or emphysema the sooner you quit. The cilia found in your lungs will also them be able to start regrowing, which can help tremendously if your body needs to fight off any viruses, infections, or even the common cold. Generally, a lower cancer risk is associated with those who quit smoking, and the younger you are when you stop, the lower your risk can be. The reproductive organs can also be made healthier, increasing the likelihood of successful conception and a healthy, viable pregnancy.

Although nicotine replacement therapies do exist, it is ultimately better if you completely rid yourself of this dependence. While this can take time, and even numerous relapses, if you stick at it, you will end up healthier, with more energy for your daily activities, and less problems regarding breathing. An aesthetic benefit is also that you will look younger for far longer than your smoking counterparts. 

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