Cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s more popularly known, is making a splash in a few industries, including self-care, wellness, even the food industry, with more people resisting their hesitancy and giving it a try. That’s due to scientists suggesting the possibility for exceptional wellness properties.

Since the preference among the population is for natural substances over anything chemically laden, CBD has the edge over products in many arenas, including skincare, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, sleep aids, and so much more, with an overwhelming number of choices to select from for administration.

Suppliers like Cheefbotanicals offer lines including capsules, tinctures, topicals, vaporizers, and so much more to suit any lifestyle or individual need. Using a company like this that incorporates high-standard practices ensures only quality products free of contaminants with confirmation of preferred ingredients. How should you consume CBD? Let’s check out some of the options.

How Should Consumers Administer CBD Products?

There are numerous ways to indulge in cannabidiol but how you decide is best for you will depend on a few factors, including your tolerance, preference, the effect you need, and many other variables.

Some people begin their journey with capsules since this is the most straightforward and easy to fit into a morning wellness regimen. Others opt for the tincture since the drops can be either put under the tongue or added to foods or beverages.

Convenience is key in most CBD product consumption. Look here for directions on taking cannabidiol. Let’s look at each method individually to learn their specific benefits.

CBD capsules

Users can find cannabidiol in capsule form, often chosen by those new to the cannabinoid. The reason for this is the consistency of dosing. There’s no measuring or guessing with each tablet having a specific milligram, so if a dose is not working, you know precisely where to bump your dose up to.

The only downside (not necessarily for everyone) is that the oral ingestible needs to pass through the digestive system, meaning it takes longer to get to the bloodstream and take effect. The upside is the release is extended so that the reaction will be long-term throughout the course of the day.

Cannabidiol tincture

A tincture is a liquid form of the compound that comes in a bottle with either a spray top or a glass dropper for easy administration directly into the mouth. When placing drops, these go under the tongue where there are many capillaries, allowing the cannabinoid to reach the bloodstream much faster.

With this method, the downside is the taste. Some people have some challenges tolerating the flavor, somewhat bitter, earthy. Since you need to hold it under the tongue for a few minutes in order for it to absorb adequately, the taste can become offensive.

However, the upside is tinctures do come in flavors helping to disguise the taste and allowing a much more pleasant experience.

CBD Coffee

There are beverage and food options on the market of which people might not be aware. Many people in the world enjoy their coffee every morning, but most are afraid to indulge in more than one cup because of the associated jitters. Fortunately, there’s a way to allow yourself that extra bit of joe.

More and more manufacturers are developing brands of CBD coffees claiming that CBD-infused coffee beans work to balance out the caffeine-inducing anxiety making the coffee “high” that many people experience a little less extreme.

You can also choose a CBD-infused “dairy-free” milk option in your coffee to have a similar effect of taking the edge off the caffeine yet allowing you to purchase your personal favorite coffee brand still.

Salad dressings, sauces, and baking

People are choosing to use CBD in recipes when cooking or with baking sweet treats. Some are incorporating the compound into salad dressings to pour over their favorite vegetables. You can find specific recipes online or on company websites for businesses that specialize in cannabidiol.

When baking with CBD, it’s essential to remember to heat slowly so as not to degrade the cannabinoid. The idea is to use a low temperature and cook a bit longer than usual.

As a rub or lotion

In topical form, many athletes or arthritis sufferers find the solution ideal for sore muscles and joints. CBD boasts exceptional anti-inflammatory properties with the potential for easing pain sensation. The idea with a topical is to locate the target area and massage deeply into that direct region.

These are also ideal for women precisely when dealing with menstrual cramps noting great success at aiding in relieving these symptoms. Topicals don’t reach the bloodstream as the other consumables do. These are strictly for targeted areas on the skin’s surface.

Final Thought

There’s no right or wrong answer as to when you should dose your CBD. Some people feel alert and energized when taking the substance. In this case, it would be beneficial to start the day taking the compound when indulging in your morning wellness routine.

Other people find that the substance relaxes and brings a sense of calm to their mind and body. In that instance, it’s ideal to dose in the evening before going off to bed so you can enjoy restful slumber.

In any case, the idea is to experiment. Again, there’s no right or wrong or suggestions or recommendations except to partake on a trial-and-error basis working towards the desired effect with that concept.


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