Dota is known by many as the most popular video game on the gaming market. Since 2013, it has gained a positive image among players all over the world. At, you can find a great number of betting options that will make your online experience even more delightful. Let’s try to be more specific.

What Makes Dota so Popular?

The popularity of Dota 2 can hardly be denied. But what exactly makes the game so attractive for players:

  • Free gameplay that doesn’t involve mandatory payment;
  • Wide range of in-game items, such as skins;
  • Simple yet clear instructions for beginners and high-rollers;
  • Friendly online community for Dota enthusiasts.

How to Recognize the Best Dota Betting Resource?

The market is overwhelmed with third-party Dota betting resources. Sadly, not all of them aim to deliver a high-quality experience to gaming enthusiasts. This is why you should be careful with the choice of the bookie to not get into a scam or fraud.

While a good reputation and positive reviews can tell you a lot, you should still explore the Dota 2 website yourself. There must be sufficient information about the features, services, and brand itself. Make sure that you look through Terms & Conditions. All together this will help you decide whether the particular bookie is worth your attention or not.

When it comes to a reliable eSports betting resource, you should analyze every single detail. Here are the features to look for:

  • responsive online help available 24/7;
  • regular updates to gaming and betting content;
  • well-secured payment methods;
  • promotion codes upon the first depositing;
  • diversified system of bonuses;
  • customer-friendly design.

Once you start Dota betting, you focus on the final results of matches and the team’s performances in the tournaments. So, don’t forget to learn Dota basics in advance. Eventually, you will be gaining more and more experience to go forward with. Even if you have some doubts, you can always ask more experienced Dota players for help by referring to the online community. After all, Dota is a game based on teamwork.

How to Strat Dota 2 Betting?

When you are about to take your first step in Dota, you should be careful with every step you take. Before making any decision, you should conduct thorough research and analyze the participants of the upcoming event. Being equipped with sufficient knowledge, you automatically enhance your chances of success.

Now that it’s time to make a bet, you should choose the most suitable format. The range of options is immense. But the most common types of bets are as follows:

  • First Blood – You need to predict the team that will kill the enemy first. The outcome is usually decided in the first several minutes of the match.
  • Individual Map Predictions – You need to bet on particular rounds, not the entire game. So, you don’t predict the victory of Team A, but rather their victory in the first round.
  • Match Winner – You need to predict a winner through the prism of available odds. Most Dota 2 matches are based on the “best of three” concept in which the winner is the one with two maps.

Final Word

In Dota 2 betting, things tend to get tough from time to time. But you shouldn’t let your emotions take over you. Otherwise, you will fail to achieve the desired result. Even if the enemies are more experienced than you, your knowledge and skills can still bring you some luck.

Being a professional gamer and wager, you should be confident in your actions. Follow all the instructions. But don’t forget to listen to your intuition. Eventually, the glory will be yours!


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