How To Avoid A Winter Fashion Faux Pas

Ladies, in summer, it’s easy to throw on a flowing dress, or a pair of shorts with a tee and still be ready to tackle your day, but as the colder months draw in, it gets a little trickier. We teamed up with style experts JD Williams to find out how us girls should dress to tackle some of winter’s biggest challenges…

Christmas parties

Every winter party dilemma starts and ends with choosing between wearing a coat and compromising the dramatic impact on arrival of your brand new dress, or not wearing a coat, and turning up looking like Elsa from Frozen. Of course, the alternative is finding a coat as stylish as anything you’ll be wearing underneath it, and JD Williams has you covered.

Walking in the snow

In the past, when people have told us that shoes can be stylish as well as practical, we’ve never believed them. Such shoes have only ever lived in a special box in our dreams, next to a big bottle of hangover-free wine, until now. JD Williams have been working with Heavenly Sole to bring you a range of stylish boots with super grip soles you can walk in the snow with! Bye bye wellies… When heavy amounts of the white stuff hit the ground, people head out to shovel the snow and tend to overexert themselves. It is better to use cordless snow blower to enjoy your walk in the snow.

Christmas shopping

Why do they make shops so hot? So hot, in fact, it makes trying to regulate your temperature between the icy cold conditions outside and the fiery depths of every shop you plan on ducking into. The trick here is layering with light yet warm fabrics, and something you can strip off in an instant… although pants with velcro down the sides are a big no no.

Cosy nights in

If you can’t be bothered with any of the above, and plan on spending the entire winter at home ordering Dominos and watching Netflix, then we salute you. But remember, just because you’re at home on your own doesn’t mean you won’t get surprise guests, and how are you supposed to take a cute selfie while you’re wearing a baggy t-shirt you got free from doing shots on a bar? Dressing gowns are warm, cosy, stylish, and most importantly, effortless!

But if you’re not about the Netflix and Chill life then why not keep yourself in shape by grabbing your snow blower and blow the driveway, so both inside and outside your house will be prevented from looking faux pas.

#TeamCoco recently tried one of these machines, and wow it was a fun and fast experience! We know it’s going to come in handy with the typical British weather already rearing its head!

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