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How to Be Confident As a Short Guy

It’s no secret that height is often a big deal for men.

It’s no secret that height is often a big deal for men. It’s one of the first things that other guys ask you about and it’s usually a deal-breaker for women when you’re dating. However, learning how to be confident as a short guy can greatly impact your self-esteem and how others perceive you.

Being a few inches shorter than your friends can knock your confidence and leave you feeling vulnerable. You can often be the target of unsolicited nasty comments or stereotypical jokes about short men.

Aside from the jokes and potential rejections from fussy females, being short does not give you any disadvantages. You can still be just as successful in your personal and professional life as your taller pals.

But it’s not always easy to feel confident in your own skin as a short guy. Here are some top tips to help you find your voice, no matter what your height.

Find Your Style

When you find a style that makes you feel the most confident, you won’t be thinking about your height.

Whether you love smart casual or you’re into luxury brands, figure out what type of clothing you feel best in. Fill up your wardrobe with all of the clothes, shoes, and accessories that make you feel like the amazing man that you are.

A pair of height adding shoes is one of the best things you can have in your wardrobe as a short guy. They’re going to discretely add a few inches without anybody noticing. And they don’t have to look unfashionable. Find a couple of pairs that match your style and you’re good to go.

Focus On Your Best Qualities

Height isn’t your only quality. It isn’t your whole personality! Instead of worrying about your height, consider all of your other qualities.

Can you tell a great joke and make the whole room laugh? Are you a talented artist? Are you unbelievably intelligent?

Focusing on your best traits can give you a confidence boost. It will help you to realize that height isn’t always the most important thing.

When you realize everything that is great about you, your self-esteem will increase. You’ll soon forget about your height and you’ll start living your life to the fullest!

Make the Jokes First

There’s always going to be one guy or girl who cracks a joke about your height. But if you crack the joke first, you won’t even give them a chance to say it themselves.

After all, it’s sometimes good to indulge in some self-deprecating humor. It gets the room laughing and makes people feel more comfortable around you when you show your vulnerability.

Another thing you can do is shut the person down as soon as they make the ‘short guy’ joke. You can do this by downplaying their joke or responding with something even funnier. This will show that you are confident in yourself, regardless of your height.

Enjoy the Advantages of Being Short

When you think about it, there are many advantages to being smaller than average.

For example, you have way more room to get comfortable in a car seat or on a plane. You can stretch your legs out and relax while the taller people around you have limited room. If there’s a low ceiling or a small doorway, you can stand tall without hitting your head.

People are often more willing to help you out if you’re shorter. If you’re at a concert seeing your favourite artist, people are more likely to let you stand in front of them.

When you can’t reach something on the top shelf at the store, it’s likely that a nearby shopper will give you a hand. This might spark a quick conversation and enables you to get friendly with new people in your local area.

Enjoy all of these amazing perks that the taller people in your life don’t get to experience.

Ignore the Haters

This may be easier said than done but you should always try to ignore the haters. Ignore the people who make unsolicited jokes or comments about your height.

The tips that have already been mentioned in this article will help you when it comes to self-love. Finding your own style and focusing on your best qualities will take your mind away from worrying about what other people think of you.

There are a lot of misconceptions around being short and a lot of people consider it a huge detriment. But focusing on yourself and dismissing other people’s opinions is key to your happiness as a shorter guy.