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How to Become a Great Gaming Streamer

In today’s world of gaming, it is a fact that streaming is a serious and sometimes highly lucrative business.

In today’s world of gaming, it is a fact that streaming is a serious and sometimes highly lucrative business. Internet celebrities such as PewDiePie represent the peak of streaming, with his streaming content watched by millions of people around the world and with 111 million subscribers to his channel.

It is entirely accurate to say that streaming gaming content has been an integral part of making him a multimillionaire. eSports is no longer a niche in gaming either, with an estimated 17.9 million hours spent in 2018 by gamers watching their favorite game or gaming team in competitive play. If you are looking to make streaming more than just a brief hobby or pastime and look to take it to the next level where it can potentially earn you an income, here are just some of the ways to make this desire a reality.

Ensure you have the hardware

One of the primary considerations you need to address first is the correct equipment like the Best DSLR Camera for Streaming and tech to stream games on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.
Firstly, ensure that you have a PC for gaming and streaming. It should be able to handle the games you plan to stream smoothly and at high frame rates while also having enough performance to stream your gaming action at the same time. A high-performing graphics card and multi-core CPU are key components of a good streaming PC, especially when you are playing modern games that require graphically and memory-intensive operations. In addition to the computer itself, you will need an excellent-quality camera and mic setup that will allow you to stream in high definition with high-quality sound. Most streaming audiences expect high-quality video and audio production today, and here are some great options to consider for this equipment.

Choose a game to specialize in

Most professional streamers have a “main game” that they regularly stream content for as the basis of their channel. It makes sense to firstly stream a game you enjoy playing and are good at so you will enjoy the gaming as much as the streaming. Secondly, picking a game that has a lot of fans and players is likely to get more interest in your stream. An ultra-niche game is unlikely to have the fan base to ensure that your stream has a growing number of viewers, but popular games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends for FPS games and the FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer series are great choices for football fans wanting to stream.

What is your USP?

In a gaming world where streaming is becoming increasingly popular, it follows that the number of people regularly streaming is increasing. As the marketplace for streaming becomes more crowded, there is a greater requirement for streamers to have a unique selling point to allow them to stand out in the world of Twitch and YouTube. Watch other pro streamers and try to understand what makes them so popular. Is it their sense of humor or personality? Do they have real insight into the games they play?

Think about what you can bring to the table to make yourself stand out from the pack. What can you do differently and what insights or interesting viewpoints can you offer your viewers?