When considering how to choose a cat breed, it’s essential to assess your lifestyle, living situation, and preferences. Some breeds, like the Maine Coon or Ragdoll, are known for their affectionate nature and sociability, making them great for families or individuals seeking companionship. Conversely, breeds such as the Siamese or Bengal may require more attention and stimulation due to their high energy levels and intelligence. Additionally, consider factors like grooming needs, potential health issues, and compatibility with other pets in your household before making a decision. Researching different breeds and consulting with veterinarians or breed experts can help ensure you find the perfect feline companion for your home.

Although they tend to be more independent than many other animals, cats still make excellent pets. There are many different breeds and each displays its own unique characteristics and demands.

Cats can be friendly and affectionate pets and excellent companions. Particular breeds are known for their laid back and easy-going personalities. Cats can be an unpredictable species and so it is difficult to generalize their temperaments and predict their personalities.

Your chosen feline must be compatible with your family dynamic. Gaining an understanding of each breed is paramount in finding the cat with the right personality. Many websites can provide you with detailed knowledge surrounding the friendliest breeds so you can compare kittens and select the best fit for you and your home environment.

Understanding the breed

Having a thorough understanding of each cat breed is crucial in deciding whether they are going to fit into your lifestyle. Particular cat breeds are considered to be the most friendly and easy-going, these are as follows:

Burmese – With a friendly and easy-going personality they love human company.

Ragdoll – the perfect family pet, ragdolls are known for their laidback and gentle personalities.

Main Coons – Although they may appear larger, they are extremely gentle and easy-going.

American Shorthair – As cats that love attention, they enjoy human company and are very easy going.

Birman – Sociable but easy-going cats, Birman thrives off human company and interaction.

Tonkinese – Affectionate and easy-going, a Tonkinese is a great family cat.

Exotics – known for their undemanding personalities, exotics are an easy-going breed that loves human interaction.

Persian- With a friendly and affectionate personality, Persians display very loving characters.

Siamese- Excellent family pets; they are friendly and enjoy human cuddles.

Abyssinian- As an easy addition to your family, this breed has an affectionate personality.

Sphynx- Deemed to be one of the most affectionate breeds, the Sphynx is a friendly cat.

Chartreux – Perfect for a family environment, they are known to be very loving and friendly.

Factors that can affect the temperament:

The age of the cat

Before choosing a cat breed, it is important to consider age as this can affect their temperament. While kittens can be friendly, they tend to be at a more excitable stage of their life. Of course, some kittens are easy-going, but you should expect them to be more outgoing as they are at an age where exploring is very appealing to them. A cat has a fully developed personality but by the age of 2 and so those who want a calm and easy-going cat should opt for one that is a little older.

Purebred vs Mixed bred

While purebred and mixed breed cats can be loving and affectionate, it can be easier to determine the personality and temperament of a purebred. This task is made more challenging with mixed breeds as their genetic build-up is less definitive and so it can be difficult to identify specific personality traits. This isn’t to say that mixed breeds aren’t friendly or easy-going as they most definitely can be, it is just a little more tricky to determine. An example of a mixed bred is a scottish fold munchkin cat which make a good family pet since they are not aggresive.

The Health of the Cat

A cat’s health can often affect how they act. Regardless of where you get your cat, you should look for visible signs that they are in good health. Your cat’s health typically tends to show in their appearance and how they act. An unhealthy cat is likely to appear much more lethargic, while a healthy cat is likely to appear friendlier. A cat in poor health may display more unpredictable behaviors. However, cats that appear happy and friendly, may not always be healthy and so it is worth getting a veterinary check beforehand.

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Factors to consider before choosing a cat:

Your lifestyle

As with choosing any other pet, it is important to consider your lifestyle and how accommodating your schedule is for a cat. Although some may find easy-going cats the ideal option for busier lifestyles, it is important to remember that all cats have needs, and some do not fare very well when left alone with little interaction for prolonged periods.

Conduct thorough research

It is very important to conduct thorough research into the different breeds of cats before choosing which one is right for you. Some will seem friendlier and easier going in comparison to others. Above, we have compared the different breeds of cats that are thought to have the friendliest temperaments.


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