There are several types of Caviar, from the variation of fish to the way it is prepared. Which ends up impacting the final taste of the food. We know that caviar is one of the most expensive foods and also used in luxurious moments.

From the beginning, caviar has always been on royal dishes, where only those with great purchasing power could consume this product. Nowadays, the vast majority of people can have access to consume this product.

However, it is necessary to choose caviar that is of quality and is from a brand that guarantees a good precedence of this product. Longino caviar is a brand known worldwide for several products of the highest quality

Characteristics of a quality caviar

Longino caviar has a superior quality to other caviar. Because it is a product that, depending on the quantity, may require a great financial value, it is necessary to choose one with guaranteed quality.

To understand a little more about caviar, it is necessary to understand that there are different types of fish, with different sizes, colors and details that can show the flavor, texture and whether it is even a quality caviar.

A detail that shows that the caviar is of good quality is that it needs to be firm, any type of crack shows that the caviar is of poor quality. Therefore, when choosing Logino products, this type of problem will not happen.

You have to observe if there is a dark spot in the caviar, this detail indicates that the caviar is original. If it doesn’t have that dark spot, it means it’s not caviar, it’s possibly another type of egg.

In the taste, when trying it you feel a neutral taste, any other taste, as if it is acidic, there is something wrong. When tasting, it bursts in the mouth and soon it starts to dissolve, and there can be no noise in the capsule.

The most expensive caviar and most sought after by great chefs are alma caviar and beluga caviar, they are made from very expensive fish and have a totally different texture.

The sturgeon, which are the fish responsible for producing caviar eggs, these two fish live for over 100 years and are very rare and few people know how to properly care for them to produce good caviar.

Caviar can be mixed with different types of food and drinks, changing its original flavor and making the tasting even more peculiar. It can be consumed alone or with pasta and champagne.

Before buying, you need to know which flavor you want to try, as caviar has different formats and ways of tasting. The ideal is to buy in small quantities of each type and analyze which one you like best.

By choosing Longino’s caviar, you will taste the food that you can find in the great Michelin-starred restaurants, prepared by renowned chefs, as Longino’s products are used both by specialists and also by those who choose to appreciate the very best in these foods.


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