How to choose the right travel insurance for Ireland?

Ireland, known as the Emerald Isle is a beautiful place to visit. It is also voted as the world’s favourite holiday destination and the friendliest country too. In terms of safety, Ireland is one of the safest places on the earth to travel.

Travel Insurance is an added protection and therefore highly recommended to any traveller visiting any destination. If you have travel insurance in place, you travel worry free as the unforeseen travel risks, medical emergencies, etc. are taken care of by the Insurance provider. You should be aware of the significant travel concerns for your trip to choose the right travel insurance that provides cover for most of the concerns for your Ireland vacations.

What are the major travel concerns for Ireland?

  • Incidents of Thefts are often reported in Ireland on Rented Cars that includes break-ins majorly in the tourist’s areas like Dublin. Sometimes incidents of pickpocketing are also reported.
  • ATM scams, skimming, Credit Card Fraud are also common in Ireland.
  • During your travel to Ireland, you might encounter Protests and demonstrations that might take a sudden violent turn. Avoid visiting these areas where you find there are public disturbances.
  • Ireland has many narrow and winding roads in the rural areas where driving during the night is risky.
  • There is a high risk of poorly maintained roads because of the Inclement weather.

What are the major areas to look for before buying a travel insurance policy?

The major areas influencing your buying decision to choose the right travel insurance for Ireland are:

  • Medical Emergencies might come any time, therefore policies giving overseas Medical Expenses cover are always preferred.
  • Check whether the policy is offering luggage and personal belongings cover or not. It might happen that you lose your personal belongings or it gets stolen. In case of an Insurance cover, you get added financial protection to cover up these kinds of uncertain losses.
  • Luggage delay is quite common when you travel to any destination. It happens when the airline or transport provider misplaces your luggage. Look for Travel Insurance that grants you an allowance to buy necessary toiletries and clothes, etc. in case of such emergencies.
  • It is also important to check whether the Travel Insurance Policy is giving adequate protection for any financial loss against uncertain trip cancellations due to any unavoidable circumstances.
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred for travel delay, loss of travel documents, theft of cash, etc. are important factors to consider before buying a travel insurance policy.
  • Policies covering Accidental Death and Disability Benefit in addition to the above benefits also remain on the preferred list while you make a selection.

Does a travel Insurance policy cover any loss or injury occurring from any adventure sports?

Standard policies don’t cover but if you opt for Sports travel Insurance or Adventure travel Insurance, they provide this added coverage.

Final Verdict

The importance of Travel Insurance is many but the most important factors remain to decide which Insurance to buy. Stick to this comprehensive guide and consider the factors discussed over here to choose the right travel Insurance for Ireland.

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