How to Create a Seasonal Wardrobe

A seasonal wardrobe is hugely important as it can help you keep on top of the latest trends, as well as making sure you have the perfect outfit choices for the time of year. Often known as a capsule collection, it’s a popular idea that can ensure your clothing collection is organised into seasons; it’s also a great way to learn what your collection is missing and if you need to invest in anything such as wholesale dresses or other essential pieces.

Creating a seasonal wardrobe is much easier than you think; it simply just takes a little time and careful consideration. So, if this is something you’re interested in doing ahead of 2019, here are some top tips to help you get started.

Look at your existing collection

Before doing anything, including throwing old clothing out or buying new items, you need to look at your existing collection and take stock of what you already own. It’s important that you identify what clothing will work no matter what the season; this can define your essential, core collection that you can then build around.

Picking out your essential pieces usually consists of choosing items you can wear every day; think of your staple clothing like jeans, jackets, blouses, dresses and boots. Choosing between 7-10 core pieces allows you to form the basis of your wardrobe for every season; pick styles that rarely go out of fashion so that they will see you through the year.

Choose seasonal pieces to complement your core selection

The next step in creating a seasonal wardrobe is to choose 3-4 items of clothing per core piece to create ready-made outfits. These pieces should be seasonal; for instance, a jumper in winter or a cami top in summer. 

Make a note to choose a piece for every day, casual looks, one for dressing up and one for smarter occasions. This ensures your seasonal wardrobe is ready for whatever may come up in your calendar, whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter!

It may be helpful to decide what you need from your wardrobe; where do you spend the most time, and what are you spending the majority of your time doing? This can dictate the type of styles you choose; for instance, if you are in meetings or entertaining clients a lot, your wardrobe will probably naturally take on a more business-like style.

Make sure you haven’t forgotten to include anything that you really think you’ll miss, but also get rid of anything that you’re not bothered about wearing anymore. You might be surprised how much room it creates in your wardrobe, ready to treat yourself to some new pieces! This is the perfect opportunity to invest in new clothes to incorporate into your seasonal wardrobe, or even replace some older pieces if you need to.

Why give it a go?

Creating a seasonal, capsule wardrobe can make it ten times easier to decide what to wear every day. If you’re the type to spend hours trying on outfits trying to make a final decision, having a separate seasonal wardrobe can ensure simple but fashionable outfits are easy to spot. 

What’s more, it gives you the chance to go through your collection and see what needs replacing and what needs to be donated to charity or thrown out. It can help you to create more space in your wardrobe, and more time in your routine!

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