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How to Design and Create a Unique Home Aesthetic

How to Design and Create a Unique Home Aesthetic

Want to transform a house into something more than four walls and a roof?

December 29th, 2020

Only 24 percent of Americans are mostly or completely satisfied with their home’s decor.

The key to loving your home’s aesthetic is pouring your heart and soul into it. Your home should be a blend of styles, colors, and items your household loves so guests get a glimpse of your personality once they walk through the door.

Not sure how to create a unique home aesthetic? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to do it.

Find Inspiration

Seek inspiration in magazines and websites to find the ultimate home design aesthetic. Pinterest is an excellent source because it’s filled with inspiration boards you can lift ideas from. You should also check out DIY home interior design magazines and cut out images to refer to while designing your home.

Decide what you like and dislike about each image and why. Remember you’re not trying to copy the photo but identify several elements that you want to introduce in your bedroom or living room, for example. Eventually, you’ll notice unifying themes that will reveal your taste so it’s easier to shop for pieces.

Further, when you visit restaurants or stores notice how they’ve placed the furniture, the colors they’ve used, and textures. These establishments are often designed by professional interior designers so figure out why they made these choices.

Balance Function With Beauty

The key to a unique home interior style is balancing functionality with beauty. When you look at an image of a room you like then ask yourself whether you’d be comfortable relaxing there or inviting guests over.

This helps you determine whether a lamp is too striking or whether you’ve put too much pressure on creating a unique space that it’s impractical. You should also be creative with your budget and only choose an item you truly love so you don’t accumulate clutter that clash.

To help you, walk through your home with an objective eye and see which items you like and dislike then figure out why. This will show you how much space you have and help you make the right decorating decisions in the future.

Get Personal

Stumped for unique design styles?

Then go through your personal belongings like art you’ve bought on vacation and consider items you like whether it’s illustrations, books, or colors for inspiration. Figure out how to introduce these into each room in a visually appealing way because once you do, your home will reflect who you are.

Start With Neutrals

Start with neutral colors and build upon them. For instance, if you need to buy a new sofa then choose black, white, gray, or beige then add colors and patterns through big canvas wall art, blankets, and other accessories.

If your space is too cluttered, take time to throw away or donate items because you want to start with a blank slate. As a general rule, use three colors or shades to help create a mood. Turn to your inspiration boards to see which ones constantly appear and use those.

Mix and Match Different Styles

A fantastic way to get a unique style is blending several at once. For example, match a vintage sofa with a sleek coffee table as it creates an intriguing aesthetic compared to sticking to one time period. You should also familiarize yourself with the main styles so you can confidently play around with them.

If you love rustic and mid-century modern styles then add furniture with a natural finish or raw wood and pair it with a simple bookcase that has a sleek shape.

Add Texture to Each Room

Texture is as important as color especially if you want a single-color room. You can do this by adding material or textiles with a complimentary color to create visual interest. If you want vibrant, high-quality bedding, linen, and other fabrics then head to visionbedding.com.

Further, add shiny draperies, silky cushions, or woven baskets as they’re eye-catching. But consider your lifestyle so if you have children or pets then you’ll want a darker sofa made from a durable material instead of a white, cotton one.

You can also apply textured accent wallpaper to a small section of your room as you can choose from brick, stone, wood, or marble.

Don’t Forget Plants

Adding natural elements to your home decor is a surefire way to elevate its design. You could add floral arrangements, shells, and terrariums but avoid artificial flowers because they can look tacky. Instead, find low-maintenance plants that will last years so you needn’t worry about whether or not they’re properly fed.

For a unique look, add hanging plants as they breathe life into your room without taking up much space, a life-saver for apartment dwellers. Plus, oversized hanging plants become a focal point like a chandelier minus the hefty price tag.

Not a fan of plants? Then consider where you live and use your environment as inspiration. For example, if you live near a beach then use weathered wood or unfinished stone to represent rocky beaches and driftwood-inspired art.

That’s How to Create a Unique Home Aesthetic

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to create a unique home aesthetic without hiring an interior designer.

Find inspiration from magazines or websites, make use of your current space, and add a splash of personality to make the space yours. You should also mix and match styles, add colorful plants, and add texture for a unique style. Happy designing!

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