Embracing your unique beauty is all about being proud of both your inner and outer self. Every person on this Earth is created uniquely and beautifully in their own way, all with different characteristics that make each person who they are. Sometimes, it can be hard to always feel beautiful, but we are here to help you embrace your unique beauty and feel like the queen you are.

If you want to learn how to embrace your unique beauty, you are in the right place. Read on to explore what these industry professionals have to say about how to embrace your unique beauty.

Learn to Appreciate and Take Care of Your Body

Georgie Dorfman, CEO All My Love

One of the best things you can do to embrace your unique beauty is to learn to appreciate and take care of your body. Our bodies are truly amazing creations, and they allow us to breathe, think, walk, love, and so much more. When you take the time to appreciate your body, you can then truly understand all that your body does to keep you alive and well. A major part of appreciating your body and embracing your beauty, is to spend time taking care of your body. You can do this by filling your body with nutritious food, exercising, practicing self care, and by using positive affirmations. Taking care of your body will help you to feel more confident and beautiful in your own skin, and will help you to embrace your overall uniqueness as well.

Be Proud of Your Skin

Gia Marie Jurosky, Director of Communications RoseSkinCo.

Embracing your natural beauty starts with your skin. Your skin almost covers your entire body and helps to make you special. Learning how to enhance your skin, instead of always covering it up with foundation, is a wonderful way to show you just how beautiful you really are. Start by pampering your skin with a lush moisturizer like the Ikaria Ageless Beauty Balm and give your skin what it needs to feel radiant. You can do this by looking at the ingredients of your future skincare products, and only choosing items that are safe for your skin. You can also give up tanning and embrace the natural beauty of your skin. After all, loving your skin starts with yourself. You will probably notice that with less products, your skin will start to feel smoother and healthier like never before. Either way, you will be sure to look and feel beautiful in your own skin, which is what matters most.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Dawn Kendall, Co-Founder 8 Sheep Organics

Sleep is an essential function of the body that allows us all to rest and recharge. If you are not getting enough sleep at night, this could ultimately lead to you waking up in a bad mood and not feeling your best. In order to wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful, getting your beauty sleep is key. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, try using an eye mask or a rejuvenating lotion with organic ingredients, to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and wake up ready to embrace your beauty the next day.

Make a New Self-Care Routine for Spring

Rachel Roff, CEO & Founder Urban Skin Rx

The season of spring is all about celebrating the beauty of the natural world. So this year, embrace your unique beauty by making a new self care routine for spring. Spend time doing your favorite things such as spending time in nature, filling your home with flowers, cleaning out your closet, and giving your skin a glow-up. You will love embracing the beauty of a new season around you, and will feel more beautiful in your own body as well.

Drink More Water

Ubaldo Perez, CEO Hush

If you want to embrace your unique beauty this year, drinking more water can help. Water is known for keeping your body hydrated and helping you to feel refreshed. Drinking water is also one of the best things you can do to protect your health. It can even help to prevent wrinkles, scars, and soft lines due to aging on your skin. So, grab a new tumbler and create a new goal of drinking more water this year. This will help you to look and feel more beautiful, and will help your entire body as well.

Love Your Hair

Evan Zhao, CEO & Co-Founder Revela

As we enter 2022, it’s time for you to embrace your natural hair. Whether your luscious locks are curly, straight, textured, or fine, rocking your natural hair will help you to embrace your unique beauty, while also helping you feel like the queen you are. Put away the flat iron, and just grab your favorite shampoo and conditioner, so that you can give your hair the care it needs. If you need help being confident with your natural hair, try out new styles so that you can find the one that makes you feel the most comfortable, and the most beautiful. Once you have found your favourite style, show off your love for your hair proudly. Others will definitely notice your unique beauty, and pretty soon you will be the next trend-setter.

Look in the Mirror More Often

Miles Beckett, CEO & Co-Founder Flossy

When it comes to looking in the mirror, some people love it and some people hate it. If you are one of the people who fall into the latter category, learning to change your negative outlook on looking at yourself in the mirror can actually work wonders in your life, and can help you to embrace your unique beauty. Instead of focusing solely on the physical parts of yourself when you look into the mirror, focus on your eyes and your smile, and you will learn to gradually love the person you see in the reflection. This will allow you to increase feelings of self-compassion, and will ultimately help you to embrace all of the beautiful and unique qualities about yourself.

Take a Break From Social Media

Karim Hachem, VP of eCommerce Maxine of Hollywood

If you are looking to embrace your natural beauty and improve your overall mood, taking a break from social media and staying off ‘the gram’ is a great way to start. With so many celebrities, models, and influencers on social media these days, the social comparison cycle is off the charts. Social media can often leave audiences feeling depressed and is one of the main reasons why teens and young adults suffer from low self-esteem. In order to break this cycle, ditch the apps for a while with a social media detox. Having this time away from social media will help to improve your mood and can help you to begin living in the moment again, all the while embracing your natural beauty. When you are ready to hop back on, try to only follow pages and people who build you up, and unfollow pages that bring you down. This will help you to surround yourself with better, more positive influences online, and will help you to follow people who embrace their unique beauty as well.

Break the Stereotypes and Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Miko Branch, CEO & Co-Founder Miss Jessie’s

For generations, women of colour were told that their hair was bad, both by people who loved them and disliked them. Could you imagine? Your grandmother might have told you your hair was not great in the same way your enemy did. That really had an effect on what we all believed beauty looked like. Media and beauty ideals weren’t accepting of texture and embracing what God gave you naturally. It was about straight hair and the European ideas of what beauty was. But I had started to embrace my natural texture. But we showed you could wear a middle part or a side part. We showed you could define your curls. Once they were able to see that it was a desirable look and could be styled beautifully, I think that’s when the interest started. We showed the possibilities beyond afros, braids, or dreadlocks, which were the only categories of natural hair at the time. We found ourselves reinforcing and reminding women how beautiful they are and how unique and beautiful their hair is. It’s really important that you’re confident in your womanhood, meaning knowing that your voice does count. Women are strong and women can be leaders.

Practice Positive Self Affirmations

Donna Burke, CEO & Founder Hotteeze

The first thing I did was I told myself I love myself in a mirror. Alone. With the door locked. And in a super quiet voice! While you do this listen to your ego. That is a trained voice in your head that never shuts up it’s not really you. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you will hear lots of voices. “Oh, what is that pimple on my nose?” “Oh, my face is so ugly.” “Ugh, I hate my lips.” It is ok to have those voices. Don’t try to shut those voices out. Just listen to them going on and on and on and accept them. Don’t argue with them, just listen. And then just say it out loud, “I love you”. Look deep into the pupils of your eyes. Look deep into your soul and say “I love you”. You will cringe and blush, but you will get used to feeling love. Once you get into the habit of saying I love you and accepting love from yourself, you will get to the place of accepting love from others. One of the things I learned from my childhood was that staying positive and looking on the bright side actually helps.

We hope you have enjoyed learning all about how to embrace your unique beauty. Whether it’s your inner mood or your outer body, know that you are made special and that you should be proud of your beauty, both in and out. Remember to follow these tips and tricks so that you can live your life to the fullest, and embrace your unique beauty this year.


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