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How to Enjoy a City Break in Palma on a Budget 

Palma is renowned for its stunning beaches, medieval city and fabulous sights and attractions, making it the ideal location for a city break.  But how can you venture there on

Palma is renowned for its stunning beaches, medieval city and fabulous sights and attractions, making it the ideal location for a city break.

But how can you venture there on a budget?

Look Out for Deals on Flights and Accommodation

From picking a villa in Majora that’s close to the city of Palma but not directly in the middle to setting up flight alerts so you’re the first to hear about offers, there are so many ways you can clinch a deal for your city break – without compromising on style or quality.

Do plenty of shopping around, use comparison sites and consider booking things separately if it’ll save you some cash. There will be several low-cost airlines that travel from your nearby airport to Palma, so keep an eye on their prices and look at how much you could save by travelling outside of peak times (i.e. early morning or late night flights that aren’t at the weekend).

Plus, you should be able to save a penny or two by not getting lured into the airline’s extra fees. Prices often skyrocket when you start adding cases, food, express boarding and so on, so look to make sure the price on offer is all you’ll have to pay. Some airlines try to get you to pay for a seat when you check in, scaremongering you into the fact that you might not get to sit together if you don’t. But be brave and stick it out. Often, you will get sat with the people you’re travelling with – but if not, it’s not really that far to sit on your own.

Put Together an Itinerary of Free Things You Can Do

One of the best things about Palma is that there are plenty of free attractions for you to enjoy.

If you want to head to the beach, consider Es Trenc as this boasts a stunning natural quality that’s popular amongst locals and tourists alike. It’s got great charm and you’ll probably find that it isn’t too busy during the week.

If, however, you want to get adventurous, you won’t be disappointed as Palma has so much to offer. From hiking the dramatic mountains of Serra de Tramuntana (or driving around the area) to walking through the stunning Canyon de la Calobra, there’s something for everyone with an adventurous spirit.

Or, if you fancy whiling away the day people watching, browsing shops and eating the local cuisine, you’ll want to head to Passeig des Born. This beautiful promenade is a must-visit, and when the sun starts to go down, it turns into a vibrant hub of activity with plenty of live music and entertainment.

As you can see, a trip to Palma can be cost-effective, full of fun and jam-packed with activities!