How to Feel Happy to be Home After a Holiday

When you’ve had a great trip away, relaxing and enjoying yourself with all the cares of your everyday life banished from your mind, the last thing you need is to come home and find a mountain of problems waiting for you. All the good work of the holiday can disappear in an instant, replaced by the post-holiday blues. If you’ve ever experienced this feeling, you’ll know how horrible it can be, so it makes sense to avoid the homecoming crash and have a post-holiday glow instead.

Tie Up Any Loose Ends Before You Go

An important step to take is to make sure everything is in place for your trip. If you’re going on a particularly long holiday, you may need to think about the security of your home and take preventative and cautionary measures, such as informing neighbours. This particularly applies if you have a porch, where any uncollected post can be seen, for example. The way you leave your curtains is also something to consider before you go.

Leave Your House Tidy 

There’s a lot to do when you’re planning to travel, and in the excitement and flurry of activity, before you go, it’s easy to think you can when you get back. Unfortunately, this is the kind of thinking that is almost certain to lead to post-holiday blues! Coming back to a stack of household admin tasks and bills is a sure-fire way to dampen your mood, so deal with as many of these chores as you can before you go. Coming back to a clear desk will make you feel so much better, and far less stressed.

The other key preparation is to make sure the house is clean and tidy before you leave. No piles of unwashed clothes, heaps of ironing, or grubby floors. Having to do a full clean when you get back, or being forced to live in a messy house because you don’t have the time or energy when you return home can be very depressing. Returning to a clean, tidy house where everything is up together and all you need to do is sort out your holiday cases will ensure you hang on to your relaxed vacation mood.

Coming home to problems

There’s always a chance that a pipe will burst, a drain will clog up, or a storm will whip some shingles off your roof while you’re away. As well as sorting any admin when you get back, make sure everything is in order in your house as well, and if you do spot any problems, don’t panic. If it’s an emergency, call a trusted tradesperson to come and fix the problem for you, but if it isn’t desperate, stay calm and give someone a call over the next few days. You may be able to clear a clogged drain or blocked sink problem yourself if it’s a simple job, for example, if something just under the waste trap in the sink has hardened because there’s been no running water for a week or two. Have contact details of local tradesmen to hand, and depending on where you’re located, do your research to ensure you find the best. This can ensure you get expert service such as emergency plumbing Toronto to come and sort it for you, but don’t let things like this ruin your chilled state of mind.

If you dealt with all the household tasks before you left for holiday, and you know who to call if anything should have gone wrong while you were away, the chances are good that you’ll retain the benefits of your trip far longer. Don’t take the chance of having your holiday vibe ruined; a bit of planning and preparation will make all the difference.

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