Even the most skeptical people doubt their decisions. The looming fear of messing up the future with present actions is a universal feeling and you can’t really control it. Of course, you can always stay true to your course and grind your way to the top. Then again, a little boost in confidence never hurt anyone.

We’re talking about psychic readings. To be more precise, online readings. You can get a free online psychic reading any time you want, thanks to the internet.

But it’s also important to understand how to spot a fake psychic because there are a lot of them. In this post, let us outline the biggest red flags you should watch out for when conducting these readings.

The Most Common Scams

To the uninformed, every psychic is a great one because they have no point of reference. But if you take time to go through the internet, you’ll find plenty of examples of scams. Interestingly, they’re pretty common across the words.

Perhaps the most commonly capitalized scam is the “cursed object.” When a psychic tells you that a specific object you own is cursed or harbors negative energy, it’s time to run. They claim that you must pay a significant fee for them to remove the curse or cleanse the object.

Then there is the lottery number scam. Fraudulent psychics may promise you a winning lottery ticket in exchange for a fee. They may convince you that they have a special connection to the universe or a secret formula for predicting numbers. In reality, they’re preying on your desire for financial gain, a common trait in all humans.

Look Out For This

Even if you study the most common scams on the internet, you can still fall prey to fake psychics. Thankfully, there are a few telltale signs that should help you spot them before it’s too late. Here are some of them.

Asking Too Many Questions

Also known as cold reading, it’s a common technique where a “psychic” gathers information about you through vague or leading questions. They have the impeccable ability to twist the words to present your information as though they have unique insights. This can make you believe they possess special powers when, in fact, they’re relying on basic psychological tactics.

So, from the very beginning, look out for the questions. A real psychic doesn’t need much information from you because that ultimately defeats the purpose of you consulting them.

Negative Readings and Intimidation

Beware of psychics who use fear or intimidation tactics to pressure you into taking specific actions. For example, they may claim that you’re “cursed” or you’re mentally broken due to your surroundings. Remember that you’re there toget insights into your future and not to be tormented by an ill actor.

Then, they’ll promise a 100% recovery from whatever you’re going through as long as you keep coming back to them. Any psychic who guarantees 100% accuracy or promises miraculous outcomes is likely not genuine. Life is inherently uncertain and even the best psychic medium won’t promise any miracles. They merely state facts.

Lastly, scammers often create a sense of urgency, a proven marketing technique to make you buy immediately. On the contrary, an authentic psychic will always respect your need to take time and consider your options before forcing you to make payments.

Using Your Ancestors as Cards

Ancestor-related scams are quite common among fraudulent psychics, both online and offline. The common depiction of this scam is that a distant relative, your great-grandfather, may have committed an ill act that’s affecting your and your family’s karma.

Of course, they’ll promise to lift the curse and its impact on your life in exchange for a fee.Legitimate psychics, on the other hand, won’t divert your reading towards someone else’s deeds. If you encounter this situation, gently steer the conversation back to yourself and don’t take their claims too seriously.

How to Steer Clear of Fake Online Psychics

The only way to keep yourself safe from falling prey to scammers is byunderstanding the paradigm. Research only psychic readings work. Dig up the credentials reputable psychics have. When you consult someone, ask questions about their credentials and background to see how they respond.

Most importantly, trust your intuition. Your gut feeling is a powerful tool. If something doesn’t feel right about a psychic or their approach, trust your intuition and explore other options.


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