Integrated wine coolers are designed to sit on the floor or surrounded by cabinets on all sides excluding the door. Integrated wine coolers don’t have a protruding profile, therefore, allowing them to fit seamlessly into your kitchen space.

It is important that when installing your wine cooler it is done by a professional. However, if you insist on fitting your wine cooler yourself, then we highly recommend that you check the manufacturer’s instructions and measurements. This is to ensure that you install your wine cooler safely and efficiently.

When installing your wine cooler you mustn’t place your wine fridge next to any kitchen appliances that generate heat such as a dishwasher or oven.

This is because the heat from any of these appliances can affect your wine fridges leading to the cooling system overheating. Throughout this blog, we will be discussing how to fit an integrated wine cooler and much more.

Factors to Consider When Fitting a Wine Cooler

When installing a wine cooler you must think about where you are going to place it. Wine coolers need to be stored out of the sun and in a cool area. It is also important to ensure that there is enough room to fully open the doors and enough space for the wine cooler to ventilate.

You must also remember to allow enough space for the wine coolers door to open. This is why it is important to study the installation instructions thoroughly to ensure that you are fitting your wine cooler safely. For a step-by-step guide on how to fit your wine cooler correctly read on!

Ensure That You Have Access to a Power Supply

When installing a wine cooler you need to ensure that there is an accessible power source nearby. This is to allow the electrical power outlet to supply power to your wine cooler. The majority of wine coolers come with a 1.8-metre cable.

If you want your wine cooler to perform to the highest standard then we recommend that you plug your wine cooler directly into the wall instead of using an extension lead. This is because it may affect the performance of your wine cooler.

Position The Wine Cooler

It is vital that when you are fitting your wine cooler that the measurements are accurate. This is to ensure that your wine cooler fits seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets. Using a tape measure, carefully measure the area where the wine cooler is going to be placed.

When fitting your wine fridge you should be able to fully open the wine cooler door without becoming an obstruction. You should be able to fully open the wine cooler doors to allow the wine cooler to be fully ventilated.

Once you have your measurements right, carefully position your wine cooler into the space you have available.

Mount The Wine Cooler

Once you have followed these steps, check that your wine cooler is securely positioned within the cabinet with mounting plates. This is to be done with a Phillips head screwdriver to ensure it’s done properly.

When placing the wine cooler you will need to make sure that it is level. This is to stop the wine bottles from rolling around inside. Most wine coolers have adjustable feet which allow you to level the unit.

Once your wine cooler is in place and fitted correctly you must allow the unit to settle before it can be used. This is to allow for the gases within the cooler to settle before being switched on. Dunavox GB offers a wide range of high-quality wine fridges including built-in and integrated wine coolers. These wine fridges come with a range of features to help preserve your wine for longer.


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