Recently, retro style bathrooms are experiencing a renaissance. More and more often some modern elements are included in such interiors, giving the whole interior originality. The eclecticism achieved in this case makes the bathroom original and gives it new life. Bathroom renovationsare a creative process, and retro style requires a more original approach.

Features of a retro style bathroom

A retro style bathroom has several distinctive features. Quirky, often ornamented wash basins or toilets in the retro style will give an unusual character to any interior. Antique faucets for the sink or bathtub are another indispensable element. Styled the way they were centuries ago, these accessories will easily bring a touch of ingenuity and innovation. Order our turnkey bathroom renovations and you will not regret it

Original tiles are a must-have element of a retro style bathroom. Usually choose bright patterns that easily convey the atmosphere of bygone years. Patchwork products that give the impression of shabby, will give the bathroom an unusual, original character. The same can be said for the white rectangular tiles, which are known as “bricks.”

Retro lighting for the bathroom in this case is very important. The more reminders of times gone by, the more pleasant the effect will be. It is recommended to choose lamps with unusual shades, which will give the room a unique look.

Decorating the bathroom in this style, it is worth taking care of every detail. Finding all the necessary accessories is not an easy task, but the result may surprise you.

Retro bathroom colors

Furnishing your bathroom in a retro style can be a great opportunity to take a trip back in time of sorts. Furniture, tile or bathtub on cast iron legs from or inspired by the 1850s and 1860s will make the interior a perfect reflection of antiquity.

The color scheme of the bathroom in this style can be anything, but it doesn’t have to be classic. If you have chosen white walls, an interesting option is to contrast them with an expressive mosaic, custom washbasin countertop or brass faucet. However, if you want to combine retro and modern styles, the task will be a little more difficult. Retro bathroom furniture should have visible traces of former use – these are the main features of the style.

Popular, expressive patterns on floor tiles should be combined with solid-colored walls. Retro lovers often choose colors such as navy blue, green and sometimes graphite. Combine this with mosaics, checkerboard or porcelain stoneware on the floor, and you get a completely satisfying effect.

A bathroom reminiscent of last century fashion should have equally original fittings and ceramics. Popular vertical toilets with clear rims, bathtubs with massive rims or sinks of unusual shape will transform any room.

Old wooden retro furniture

A huge role in this type of bathroom is played by wooden retro furniture, which usually has a rich history. After a professional renovation, it becomes one of the most significant items in the new interior.

A room with stylish furniture from ten years ago looks extremely elegant. In this case, it is worth stopping for no less original cabinets or sink countertops, which will become even more attractive in combination with faucets of unusual shapes and colors. The spirit of the time visible on this type of furniture is one of the most important characteristics.

The retro style is still one of the frequently chosen bathroom design ideas. The wide availability of furniture produced many years ago gives anyone who dreams of an interior with history a huge opportunity. In this case, what matters is the creativity with which to achieve vintage.


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