One of the most important things that many people are not aware of when they buy their new travel trailer is to have good insurance. In most cases, you tend to think about getting insurance on your vehicle, though the cost of a travel trailer can be expensive. So it should be something you should insure in case of some accidental damage or a traffic accident happens.

Most of the time, your car insurance can cover your travel trailer, but it’s just liability coverage. Therefore, in the event of an accident or any other damage you cause to the other parties will be covered. Unfortunately, it will not cover the damage to your travel trailer. This post discusses how you can get affordable travel trailer insurance.

What you should include in your travel trailer insurance

Taking the time to understand from the insurance agent what is and what is not included in your insurance plan is very important. Remember that buying insurance can sometimes be tricky because you may not know everything that you require. Therefore, do your research and make sure that you are paying the right amount.

In this way, you can avoid overpaying for your insurance cover. In most cases, an online quote can usually be cheaper than a quote you can get from an agent through the phone. This is because you have lots of time to figure out the right options and may not choose the things you don’t need.

For example, you can decide to choose water damage coverage because one of the commonest issues with RVs is that they are easily susceptible to leaks and warping from leaks. Therefore, you will find that most comprehensive insurance options cover water damage.

But you may also find out that the fine print of the plan can exclude the likely causes of that damage. Some of the causes include manufacturer defects, corrosion, normal wear and tear, and ice accumulation and freezing temperatures.

This means that because of this fine print, the insurance company may not cover everything, so you should always be aware of this. That said, below are some of the insurance coverage types you can find:

  • Comprehensive. This usually covers damages that didn’t occur due to collision. Instead, it can cover for theft, damage, and vandalism.
  • Liability. This covers damage to other people’s property caused by your travel trailer.
  • Contents coverage. This includes anything that is stored in your trailer.
  • Collision. This covers your trailer when there is damage due to an accident.
  • Roadside assistance. This covers other related issues, such as fuel assistance and accommodation costs when you are on a trip and your travel trailer encounters some problems.

How you can reduce your travel trailer insurance

You may take a chance by avoiding the collision and comprehensive insurance if you have an inexpensive or older travel trailer. Besides this, if you don’t drive your travel trailer regularly, the risk of getting involved in an accident that could affect the trailer goes down.

Therefore, you should always consider making the right calculation and decide whether the protection against the risks of an accident happening is worth the cost or not. There is always a sense of stability in investing in unknown situations, but you need to weigh your options properly. Here are some ways you can reduce your travel trailer insurance:

Combining insurance policies

As a general rule, the more things you intend to insure, the likely the insurance cost can be cheaper for each item. Many insurance companies look at you as an invaluable client because you can insure various items. In this way, they have confidence that you can manage to pay your insurance policies, so you can end up with great negotiation power.

You can get a quote for travel trailer insurance for any type of travel trailer insurance. But, when you’re negotiating with an insurance agent, ensure that you point out all the things that you can insure with them. This can reduce your travel trailer insurance cost.

Look out for the local insurance companies

Whether it’s a large insurance company or a locally owned insurance company, they can all be less expensive or more expensive. While the overhead of small insurance companies can be quite cheaper, they can also find it challenging to pay out for larger repairs. The situation varies depending on your location, so you should always research and check Google reviews before you choose a lower price.

You should also take the reviews with some caution because many bad reviews are associated with customers who felt let down by the insurance company. In most cases, happy customers may not submit their reviews compared to someone who felt cheated out of their money.

Have a good credit

In some states, insurance companies can spike your insurance when you have a poor credit score. Now, these companies do this because they feel there are good chances that you are likely going to file a claim.

No wonder, they adjust your insurance rate accordingly to protect their bottom lines. Hence, you should consider using various people to buy insurance and apply the rates for these individuals.

Use your employer to get travel insurance discounts

Thankfully, you can find several companies, especially large ones that negotiate affordable deals with the insurance companies for their employees. Therefore, you can talk to your employer and see if they have any deals with the insurance companies.

This is especially true for any possible insurance purchases that have nothing to do with the reduced bank account fees, gym memberships, and many more.

Opt for higher deductibles

While negotiating for your monthly payment, you should consider taking a higher deductible. When the insurance company realizes that you are ready to take a higher sum for any accident, likely they will reduce your insurance cost.

This is because the insurance company’s potential cost decreases, meaning your financial risk to the company is low. However, you should always check out what the competitors are offering. You can be surprised that the price difference between the insurance companies can be quite significant.


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